Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: May 4-8, 2015

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from May 4 through May 8, 2015 in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Barbara A. Baugher and Terry L. Baugher to Loretta Ganoe and David Ganoe, 402 Shope St., $115,000.

Benner Township

Kristina R. Angellotti to Kristina R. Angellotti, 165 Exeter Lane, $1.

Brian C. Miller and Joel M. Confer to Jason Paul Tomasacci, 115 Teasel Way, $280,000.

Rudeger H. T. Wilke and Raegan L. Johnson to Stefan J. Cherinka and Karen E. Cherinka, 187 Teasel Way, $310,000.

College Township

Kay G. Barnett to Kay G. Barnett Revocable Living Trust, 338 Creekside Drive, $1.

Nathaniel R. Yocum and Laura S. Yocum to Jill Marie Prebich, 208 Rainlo St., $189,900.

Edward Satalia Construction Inc. to Gem Homebuilders Inc.,180 Holly Ridge Drive, $142,000.

Wilbur E. Stocker Jr. and Kathryn N. Stocker to Wilbur E. Stocker Jr. and Kathryn N. Stocker, property located along Shiloh Road, $1.

Curtin Township

Kenneth H. and Cynthia J. Furl Revocable Living Trust and Kenneth H. Furl and Cynthia J. Furl to Mark T. Morris and Carol A. Morris, 697 Bear Creek Forest Road, $124,000.

Ferguson Township

Eugene W. Sellers Jr. to John R. McWhirter and Jeanette McWhirter, 1030 W. Beaver Ave., $195,000.

Baretincic Revocable Trust, Joseph M. Baretincic and Geraldine L. Baretincic to Joseph M. Baretincic and Geraldine L. Baretincic, 2314 Autumnwood Drive, $1.

Circleville Road Partners A LP to Circleville Road Partners IV LP, property located along Northwick Blvd., $1.

Christopher S. Heinz, Colette J. Heinz and Steven D. Heinz to Julian Morales and Lacy Morales, 1433 E. Park Hills Ave., $349,900.

Gregg Township

Isabella M. Alters to Samuel L. Alters, 287 Brush Mountain Road, $1.

Harris Township

KBBH Partnership to Stephen T. Wilson and Nicole A. Johndrow, property located in Harris Township, $194,534.

Fern F. Lease to Mary Kate Berardi, 834 Brookside Drive, $159,900.

Stephen A. Crockett and Tracy L. Langkilde to Paul G. Robinson and Stephany L. Robinson, 217 Kimport Ave., $228,000.

Howard Township

Jessica L. Folmar to Dustin Brown and Angie Taylor, 199 Mill Lane, $233,200.

Miles Township

Theodore Westberg Estate and Carol M. Klein to Carol M. Klein and Theodore D. Westberg, property located along state Route 445, $1.

Kerma G. Hazel Estate and Dennis W. Hazel to Linda H. Littman, Diana H. Pike, Dennis W. Hazel and Amy M. Hazel, property located along state Route 445, $1.

Patton Township

Haubert Homes Inc. to David A. Pecht and Randall E. Haubert, property located in Patton Township, $65,000.

Linda Spanos and Dean T. Spanos to Nathaniel R. Yocum and Laura S. Yocum, 124 Haverford Circle, $149,000.

William J. Zally Jr. and Durga Zally to Terry T. Brown and Maki Brown, 126 Fenwick Drive, $205,000.

Craig D. Thompson and Lynne J. Thompson to Dennis M. Petricoin Sr. and Mary K. Petricoin, 113 Alma Mater Drive, No. 104, $179,000.

G & Z Ventures LLC to Saribelle LLC, 231 Strouse Ave., $1.

Shawn C. Hennigan to Bahman Jalili, 146 Presidents Drive, $322,000.

Heidi L. Lewis to Jack Wayne Zerby and Marisa Christin Zerby, 132 Pinewood Place, $405,500.

Gray’s Woods and S & A Homes Inc. to Brett E. Scofield and Kellie Melissa Scofield, 235 Brynwood Drive, $360,753.

Lisa D. Bowen to Kevin J. Bowen, 408 Amblewood Way, $1.

Betty Lou Moyer to Betty Lou Moyer, 1634 Woodledge Circle, $1.

Robert A. Price and Sharon C. Price to Stephen A. Crockett and Tracy L. Langkilde, 131 Gibson Place, $381,000.

Philipsburg Borough

Janice-Ann K. Yoder, formerly known as Janice-Ann K. Rupp, and Gary C. Yoder to Regina R. O’Neill, 707 Pauline St., $123,000.

Aaron G. Isaacson and Jamie L. Callovini, now known as Jamie L. Isaacson, to Charles I. Moore and Mary S. Moore, 211 Sheffield St., $155,000.

Derek G. Hart to Walter L. Witherite Jr. and Debra J. Witherite, property located along Pine St., $16,500.

Potter Township

Joseph A. Rech and Myrtle I. Rech to Joshua A. Bitner, 444 S. Pennsylvania Ave., $240,000.

Rush Township

David R. Foster and Barbara J. Foster to Caliber Rentals LLC, 1559 Black Moshannon Road, $15,000.

Thomas E. Little and Barbara J. Little to Jonathan C. Kimple and Kylee K. Straw, 163 Port Lane, $235,000.

Charles I. Moore and Mary S. Moore to Aaron C. Isaacson and Jamie L. Isaacson, 109 Oakwood Drive, $292,500.

Shain-Shop Bilt Inc. to UMI Performance Inc., property located along Hemlock Street, $215,000.

Snow Shoe Township

Jean M. Prebosky, also known as Jeanne M. Prebosky, to Walter David Prebosky, 674 Scotchtown Road, $1.

Daniel R. Picard Sr. to Tauni M. Picard, 758 W. Sycamore Road, $126,875.

Spring Township

Jersey Shore State Bank to Dwayne S. Wasson and Kelley A. Wasson, 118 S. Harrison Road, $12,000.

Allie M. Love, formerly known as Allie M. Davenport, and Russell G. R. Love to Thomas E. Little and Barbara J. Love, 1121 W. Sprinfield Drive, $242,000.

Louise R. Kline to Nguyen Ngoc Thach and Ngan Ha Thi Nguyen, 955 W. Water St., $107,000.

State College Borough

Basic Link Enterprises LLC to Phoenix International Investments LP, 200 Highland Ave., $180,000.

Christopher Doctor and Lauren Edelschein to Parisa Shokouhi and Jaques V. Riviere, 141 W. Hamilton Ave., $233,100.

Seven Continents Hotels & Resorts LP to CWMID LLC, 300 S. Allen St., $1.

Beth Anne Bradley and Theresa Barry to Vadim and Violetta Medvedev Living Trust, Vadim Medvedev and Violetta Medvedev, 1141 Smithfield St., $335,000.

Stephanie S. Lovell and Timothy W. Lovell to Somayeh Asadi, 200 Highland Ave. No. 501, $184,500.

Stephen D. Manbeck and Courtney A. Manbeck to Carol A. Pepper, 110 Westerly Parkway, $215,000.

Anthony N. Walczak and Sharon L. Walczak to Mark A. Sentesy and Maureen Sentesy Wagner, 1105 Old Boalsburg Road, $294,000.

Renata S. Engel and Leland G. Engel to Robert A. Price and Sharon C. Price, 1071 Saxton Drive, $237,000.

James R. Lamare to Martin A. Perna and Courtney D. Morris, 919 Atherton St., $204,900.

Union Township

Gary G. Emel to Matthew A. Posney and Katina L. Bartley-Posney, 163 Meadow Lane, $235,000.

KC Development Group LLC to Jade L. Bullman, 348 Hawk Lane, $113,735.

Walker Township

Darrell N. Lee to Darrell N. Lee and Judy L. Lee, 560 Snydertown Road, $1.

Zion Associates to Mark P. Proper and Lori J. Proper, 145 Gemstone Drive, $210,000.

Worth Township

Nancy E. Cole and Timothy C. Spotts to Bank of New York Mellon, 310 E. Mountain Road, $6,511.96.