Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: May 18-22, 2015

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from May 18 through May 22, 2015 in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Julia V. Breon to Woodycrest Rentals LLC, 114 W. Bishop St., $37,500.

Centre Hall Borough

Nancy A. Gray and Vicki Homan to Vicki Homan, 126 Grandview Road, $1.

Rodney M. Brungart and Kelli Jo Brungart to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., 147 E. Church St., $5,567.36.

College Township

Robert Guthoff and Rosemary Gutoff to Robert Gutoff Living Trust, Rosemary Gutoff Living Trust, Robert Guthoff and Rosemary Gutoff, 137 Rhaubert Circle, $1.

S&A Homes Inc. to Melik C. Demirel and Deniz Ela Kucuk Demirel, 208 Brandywine Drive, $172,500.

Mark P. Hertzog and Edith C. Hertzog to Ryan J. Myers and Kate E. Myers, 1035 Shamrock Ave., $304,000.

Fred R. Wood to ECARH Enterprises LP, 1350 E. College Ave., $1,295,000.

Stearns Boal LP to Robert Stewart and Jerilinn Stewart, 145 Meadowsweet Drive, $150,000.

Dalton L. McDonald to Kara L. Henry and Matthew Henry, 349 Glengarry Lane, $405,000.

Jason F. Dunlap to Wells Fargo Bank, 1717 Puddintown Road, $7,207.39.

Ferguson Township

MPI Research Inc. to Phibro Animal Health Corporation, 3048 Research Drive, $1,420,000.

Shirley Sturtz-Davis to Kraig W. Sturtz, Steffany R. McQueary, Kimberly B. Walker, Bryan C. Davis and Mark A. Davis, 1427 Curtin St., $1.

Mary M. Bartell Estate and Roderick J. Bartell to Nathan R. Bartell, 3301 Shellers Bend, Unit 929, $1.

Jalal Jalali and Whitney Jalali to Jennifer Loewenstein and David A. Loewenstein, 1325 Megan Drive, $525,000.

Berks Homes LLC to John A. Johnson and Carolyn H. Johnson, 129 Rushcliffe St., $343,290.32.

James F. Wolynec and Ardith B. Wolynec to Jedediah J. Neilson and Candice A. Neilson, 250 Banyan Drive, $445,000.

Gurparkash S. Sandhoo and Jaspreet K. Sandhoo to Eric P. Baumer and Mandee B. Baumer, 180 Meadowview Drive, $580,000.

Ruilin Zhou and Edward J. Green to James A. McSweeney, James McSweeney and Breffni M. Noone, 1365 Deerfield Drive, $436,000.

Jacaquelyn Ober, Renee Ober and Kimberly Fuller to Jacaquelyn Ober, 126 Horseshoe Circle, $1.

S&A Homes Inc., WPSH Associates, Robert E. Poole, Don E. Haubert and Thomas F. Songer to Jianmin Zhang, 1148 Longfellow Lane, $544,933.

Timothy A. Townsend and Erika R. Townsend to Thomas T. Vasquez, 331 Rosemont Drive, $224,000.

Patrick M. Cowher and Dawn Ziegerer Cowher to Timothy A. Townsend and Erika R. Townsend, 300 Rosemont Drive, $342,000.

Na Li to Kai Du and Na Li, 2364 Longfellow Court, $1.

David T. Stewart, Jacquline D. Stewart and Jaki Deneen Martinez to David T. Stewart, 2418 Oak Leaf Drive, $1.

Mark D. Shriver, Kathleen O. Voss, also known as Kathleen Voss Shriver, to Scott Roycroft and Jennifer H. Creighton, 112 Raleigh Ave., $224,900.

Samuel J. Crisafulli and Teresa A. Crisafulli to Kevin P. Mullen, 756 Devonshire Drive, $245,000.

Gregg Township

Asher Lucas Group LLC to Valley Wide Custom Homes LLC, 141 Heckman Cemetery Road, $47,900.

Halfmoon Township

Michael C. Anderson and Angela R. Anderson to John E. Siggins and Barbara L. Siggins, 190 Tow Hill Road, $216,000.

Harris Township

Jeremy J. Fegert and Elizabeth Fegert to Joshua D. Miller and Tarin E. Miller, 140 Timberwood Trail, $172,500.

Paul M. Rittenhouse Sr. and Paul M. Rittenhouse to Benjamin W. Hulburt, 294 Misty Hill Drive, $875,000.

Margaret D. Tennis Estate, John W. Tennis and Doreen M. Diehl to John W. Tennis and Cathy S. Tennis, 117 Boal Ave., $1.

James Cordell Hatch and Nancy H. Hatch to Clifton A. Hatch and Norma G. Hatch, 312 Lamp Post Lane, $1.

Howard Township

Dennis E. Shaw to Lance Gates and Stacy Gates, 748 Bullit Run Road, $50,000.

Liberty Township

George T. Crust Jr. Estate, Donna J. Rodriguez, formerly known as Donna J. Workman, to Donna J. Rodriguez, 130 Rose Way, $1.

Marion Township

Scott Glossner and Stephanie D. Glossner to Jerry L. Gardner Jr., 141 Manzinita St., $160,000.

Miles Township

Garry Loner and Macada M. Loner to LSF8 Master Participation Trust, 115 E. Main St., $6,292.88.

Millheim Borough

Lawrence Boob and Christine Boob to Francis R. Wayland and Katherine J. Wayland, 126 W. Main St., $108,500.

Patton Township

Gerald R. Diehl Jr. and Cynthia A. Diehl to Tracy Lumsden, 737 Galen Drive, $169,900.

Richard E. Tennent and Paulette M. Tennent to Tennent Family Trust, Richard E. Tennent and Paulette M. Tennent, 24 S. Barkway Lane, $1.

Copper Beech Townhome Comm Eighteen LLC to Xiaolong Jiang, 680 E. Oakwood Ave., $257,000.

Lee M. Myers and Cynthia G. Myers to Donald L. Dunkle and Kristen M Dunkle, 142 Kenley Court, $208,500.

Laura L. Harvatine to Aaron Workman and Jaime Workman, 146 Glenndale Drive, $320,000.

Philip M. Spangler and Susan T. Sanders to James S. Lee and Catherine Z. Lee, 13 N. Barkway Lane, $287,500.

Cecil H. Smith and Edeltraud A. Smith to Brandon C. Hendricks and Melissa A. Hendricks, 555 Brittany Drive, $240,000.

Penn Township

Eudell M. Confer Estate, Brenda Wert and Robert Confer to Martin C. Myers and Vivian J. Myers, 503 Main St., $1.

Potter Township

Harry E. Hockenberry and Wanda E. Hockenberry to Ian P. Groy and Karla M. Groy, 225 Bible Road, $230,000.

Rush Township

Robert N. Miller and Robert E. Miller to Denise Miller and Robert E. Miller, 525 Mallard Road, $1.

Holly D. Bainey and Sandra L. Bainey to Dustin Woodring and Tasha N. Woodring, 200 Walker St., $1.

Snow Shoe Township

James A. Hart Jr., Cindy M. Hart, James A. Hart and Sandra J. Hart to James A. Hart Jr., Cindy M. Hart, Tyler J. Hart and Kayla M. Hart, 186 Little Wolf Road, $1.

Spring Township

Peter B. Kurbatov and Galina S. Kurbatov to Bernard J. Rayno and Tyler E. Rayno, 196 Jonathan Lane, $321,500.

Robert Larry Grayson and Maxine L. Grayson to Nathaniel A. Esterline and Laura H. Esterline, 1071 W. Springfield Drive, $282,500.

Melissa A. Hendricks and Brandon C. Hendricks to Michael W. Lucas and Leanne C. Lucas, 221 Melanie Lane, $165,000.

State College Borough

Boro Housing Associates to John D. Hopkins and Jane E. Hopkins, 1124 S. Atherton St., $155,000.

Boro Housing Associates to John D. Hopkins and Jane E. Hopkins, 1128 S. Atherton St., $155,000.

Robert Palmer Weaver to Wendy Oakes, 601 W. Park Ave., $715,000.

Kathryn Stager, Andrew Stager and Jon Peters to Richard C. McCorkle, 1270 University Drive, $243,000.

David T. Stewart, Jacqueline Stewart and Jaki Deneeen Martinez to David T. Stewart, 825 W. Beaver St., $1.

Anthony J. Nocket to Donald Travis and Susan Travis, 800 Stratford Drive, $125000.

Richard S. Adams to Richard S. Adams and Denise M. Conklin, 441 Ridge Ave., $1.

Linda K. Beik to Michael Zalewski, 812 Stratford Drive, No. 11, $132,500.

Bernard J. Rayno and Tyler E. Rayno to Ross B. Condon and Mary S. Rabe, 237 E. Whitehall Road, $238,500.

Lois D. Stinson Estate and Paul W. Stinson to Christopher B. Jones and Shannon M. Jones, 1041 Greenfield Circle, $215,000.

Gary M. Chinn and Molly A. Martin to Lisa Iulo, 630 Franklin St., $313,000.

Walker Township

Carrie A. Robson, also known as Carrie A. Vanorden, and William W. Vanorden II to Donald Poorman and Patty Poorman, 360 Zion Back Road, $200,000.

Glenden D. Redman Estate and Jo Ann Zawalski to Janet L. Deno, 120 Colby Court, $199,900.

William J. Schneider and Kathleen L. Schneider to Julie Ann Marko and Eugene J. Simoni Jr., 323 Two Mile Road, $384,500.