Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: June 1-5, 2015

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from June 1 through June 5, 2015 in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Mark P. Proper and Lori J. Proper to Michael J. Knapp and Misty M. Knapp, 957 E. High St., $275,000.

Michael J. Knapp and Misty M. Knapp to Patrick Cowher, 329 E. Curtin St., $269,000.

Bellefonte Borough to Bellefonte Area Industrial Development Authority, 1081B Zion Road, $1.

Vicky L. Kaltenbach to Taylor C. Evans and Jason D. Doksa, 929 Tanney St., $170,000.

Benner Township

Edward F. Shea and Theresa B. Shea to Jungen Choi, 131 Cambridge Lane, $163,000.

John E. Miller Estate, Kimberly R. Miller and Darren W. Miller to Philip E. Thomas and Brittany N. Thomas, 160 Bel Air Hills Road, $209,900.

Burnside Township

Alverta Craft and Evelyn A. Craft to Shawn Dougherty Jr. and Catherine M. Dougherty, 724 Pine Glen Road, $26,000.

Centre Hall Borough

Wayne M. Clickner Estate and Virginia M. Clickner to Virginia M. Clickner, 260 S. Pennsylvania Ave., $1.

Wayne M. Clickner Estate and Virginia M. Clickner to Virginia M. Clickner, 316 N. Pennsylvania Ave., $1.

Wayne M. Clickner Estate and Virginia M. Clickner to Virginia M. Clickner, 113 S. Pennsylvania Ave., $1.

Rosemary K. Frank to John P. Gajewski, 112 W. Church St., $161,000.

College Township

Joanne W. Snell Estate and John D. Snell to John D. Snell, 537 Pike St., $1.

Dennis J. Schmidt and Jennifer Mensch to Michael D. Coyle, 219 Ronan Drive, $530,000.

Brian Gilbert and Melanie Gilbert, also known as Melanie Sliwinski, to Aaron J. Simpson and Nicole J. Simpson, 681 Thompson St., $228,000.

Mindy L. Dillon to Elias Mpofu, 141 Lincoln Ave., $202,000.

Battista Divito and Chiarina Divito to Haining Schoeneman and John P. Schoeneman Jr., 120 Rhaubert Circle, $165,000.

Ferguson Township

Jonathan R. Clark and Christina Y. Clark to Matthew A. Sjoberg and Rebekah A. Sjoberg, 2073 Chelsea Lane, $242,000.

Edward John Fuller to Edward John Fuller and Marie Lemay, 774 Beaver Branch Road, $1.

Paul C. Lynch to Jing Nie and Hui Yang, 129 Washington Place, $236,000.

Marcie Haviland and Robert E. Haviland Jr. to Stephen Anthony Boughton and Karen Breeze Boughton, 2280 Bristol Ave., $242,000.

Gary B. Field and Laura B. Field to Stephen L. Lenkey and Jennifer L. Lenkey, 2467 Sassafras Court, $550,000.

Ronald J. Gilligan and Mary Lou Gilligan to Ronald S. Gilligan and Megan E. Gilligan, 3769 W. Whitehall Road, $1.

Kevin D. Rudy and Fehnja Rudy to Aidan S. Chang, 1953 Harvest Circle, $185,000.

Berks Homes LLC to Donald M. Bainbridge and Clarice G. Bainbridge, 114 Rushcliffe St., $336,689.90.

Donald Lee Mason to William A. Gray and Ann B. Gray, property located along East Chestnut St., $12,000.

Donald Lee Mason to Donald Lee Mason, 627 E. Chestnut St., $1.

William A. Gray, also known incorrectly as William Grey, and Ann B. Gray, also known incorrectly as Anne Grey, to William A. Gray and Ann B. Gray, 790 E. Chestnut St., $1.

John R. Madore Estate and Janet W. Madore to Janet W. Madore, 1375 Megan Drive, $1.

Connie Sessamen to Scott A. Dainty, 2720 W. Pine Grove Road, $141,500.

Gregg Township

Esther G. Zettle Estate, Fawn L. Houtz and Keith D. Zettle to Devon J. Hegarty and Randy L. Hegarty, property located along Upper Georges Valley Road, $17,137.50.

Harris Township

William R. Cummings and Suzanne L. Cumming to Dawa J. Lama and Michael I. Turk, 1001 Karen St., $333,000.

Fred E. Dailey II and Bonnie L. Dailey to Patrick Daniels, 205 Shrineview Ave., $1.

TOA PA IV LP to Richard J. Sands and Donna J. Sands, 154 Plymouth Circle, $256,023.95.

William J. Kenney and Kathryn B. Kenney to Ken F. Engel and Caroline L. Banton, 700 Kennard Road, $360,000.

Renata T. Furman and William J. Furman to Gregory W. Broussard and Constanza Ehrenhaus, 114 Honeysuckle Drive, $180,700.

Martin W. Gettig Estate and William A. Gettig to Luke J. Martin and Lauren R. Martin, 3740 S. Atherton St., $245,000.

Richard F. Defluri and Joanne M. Defluri, also known as Joanne M. Smith, to Richard F. Defluri, 140 Laurel Meadow Lane, $1.

Richard F. Defluri and Joanne M. Defluri, also known as Joanne M. Smith, to Richard F. Defluri, 140 Laurel Meadow Lane, $1.

James Matthews to Anthony J. Dinallo and Jennifer M. Dinallo, 1300 E. Kay St., $500,000.

Karen L. Schuckman and Charles Mark Davis to John Ochoa and Stacy Anderson, 128 W. Main St., $410,000.

Howard Borough

Philip E. Thomas, Brittany N. Winebark, also known as Brittany N. Thomas, to Lisa C. Bahr and Kevin T. Shock, 130 Maple St., $141,000.

Howard Township

Robyn L. Fatula-Confer and Thomas C. Schmitt to Robert J. Mercer, 253 Lakeview Drive, $200,000.

Liberty Township

Michele A. Terry and Frederick G. Terry to Jeffrey S. O’Connor and Cynthia K. O’Connor, 113 Beach St., $105,000.

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Assoc. to Debra J. Heck, 118 Kunes St., $54,500.

Marion Township

Terri L. Cravener to Steven Z. Fisher and Amanda E. Fisher, 130 Green Acres Road, $205,000.

Milesburg Borough

Katina Lea Posney, also known as Katina Lea Bartley, and Matthew Allen Posney to Scott Allen Emel, 302 Turnpike St., $143,00.

Millheim Borough

Jacquelyn M. Martin to Douglas Wingard, 210 E. Main St., $162,000.

Patton Township

Edward W. Temple Estate and Vanessa Temple to Jeffrey A. Osborne and Sarah S. Osborne, 578 W. Hillside Ave., $171,500.

Craig Anthony, David F. Anthony, Margaret L. Derrick and Margaret A. Derrick to Margaret A. Derrick, Margaret L. Derrick and Steven E. Derrick, 2149 N. Oak Lane, $1.

Leanne Czekaj to AWF Legacy LLC, 725 Oakwood Ave., $221,000.

Alexander Igolnikov and Olga Igolnikov to Donna Lynn McGrath, 584 Melissa Lane, $290,000.

William E. Hartman Jr. and Denise M. Hartman to Robert C. Oelhaf Jr. and Christa Oelhaf, 280 Manhassett Drive, $438,000.

Lisa A. Gretz and Joseph W. Gretz to Joseph T. Conaty and Ann M. Conaty, 1630 Woodledge Circle, $212,500.

Rosario R. Resurreccion to Lerica Resurreccion, 2078 Mary Ellen Lane, $1.

John F. Lomastro to John F. Lomastro, 351 Oakley Drive, $1.

Lilliana Reyes and John Rojas to Gregory H. Wong, Shirley T. Wong and Jennifer D. Wong, 2095 Mary Ellen Lane, $165,500.

Christopher J. Larkin to Monica Arismendi Revocable Trust and Monica Arismendi, 217 Ghaner Drive, $239,000.

Penn Township

Robert Edward Confer to Robert Edward Confer, 1181 Penns Creek Road, $1.

Robert Edward Confer to Robert Edward Confer, 1181 Penns Creek Road, $1.

Robert Edward Confer to Robert Edward Confer, 1185 Penns Creek Road, $1.

Edgar Paul Weamer III and Ruthann Helen Weamer to Eric M. Rupert and Lindsey G. Rupert, 1255 Penns Creek Road, $124,000.

Philipsburg Borough

Karla J. Cowher to Karla J. Cowher, 432 Water St., $1.

Rush Township

Terry R. Smeal and Kathleen A. Smeal to Judy E. Morrow, 202 Adams St., $78,000.

Bonnie Ann Friday and Florence J. Johnson to Florence J. Johnson, 314 Walker St., $1.

Alice Lynn Sleber, Jeffrey C. Watson, Alicelyn Watson Sleber, Shelley L. Clemens and Shelley W. Clemens to Susan L. Wolf, 124 Richard St., $100,000.

Snow Shoe Borough

Brenda Cole, Brenda S. Auker and Bernard J. Auker to Brenda S. Auker, 309 W. Olive St., $1.

Snow Shoe Township

Albert Nichols and Gayle E. Nichols to Scott L. Ripka and Gene A. Ripka, 799 Hall Road, $1.

Spring Township

Florence Jean Hampton to Todd D. Naylor, 107 Slate Court, $255,000.

Michael J. Snyder and Jennifer L. McAdoo-Snyder to David M. Leuschel and Amanda M. Leuschel, 123 Gwenedd Lane, $202,000.

Rahul Shrivastav, Allyn Shrivastav and Sara Allyn Shrivastav to Thomas M. Weaver and Chantelle L. Weaver, 123 Tressler St., $165,000.

Douglas J. Mansell and Nichole M. Mansell to Daniel E. Lecouvre, 633 Axemann Road, $179,000.

Raymond C. Wilson to John F. Lomastro, 156 Whitman Circle, $179,500.

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Assoc. to Jacqueline Baca Ramos, 463 Blanchard St., $97,000.

State College Borough

George R. Milner and Claire M. Milner to Brenna J. Wist, 448 Orlando Ave., $271,000.

Stephanie C. Serriere to Tatiana Seijas, 461 Orlando Ave., $355,000.

Todd A. Gregory and Michael H. Potter to Kenneth Steven Sherrill and Lee McLean Peterson, 620 W. Prospect Ave., $390,000.

Sharon D. Hyde and Jeffrey L. Hyde to Jeffrey L. Hyde and Sharon D. Hyde, 625 N. Allen St., $1

Sharon D. Hyde and Jeffrey L. Hyde to Jeffrey L. Hyde and Sharon D. Hyde, property located along Adams Ave., $1.

David T. Pan to 2012 Pan Family Trust, David Tse-Chien Pan and Maren Claudia Pan, 908 Metz Ave., $1.

David J. Felice to Dana L. Stuchul and Christopher Uhl, 1123 Old Boalsburg Road, $80,000.

Andrew J. Shubin to Thomas R. Lundin and Rebecca W. Lundin, 919 W. Foster Ave., $320,000.

Sarah A. Damaske and Paul R. Damaske to Jie Shan and Kin Fai Mak, 600 E. Irvin Ave., $407,000.

Marc W. Donahue to CR Properties LLC, 1604 Blue Course Drive, $135,000.

Taylor Township

James E. Friday Jr. and Carrie L. Friday to Shane M. Christine and Lauren A. Christine, 140 Buffalo Drive, $235,000.

Walker Township

Charles J. Pifer and Lori J. Pifer to Steven D. Gehringer and Linda C. Gehringer, 133 Hancock Road, $313,000.

First Line Development Two Inc. and S & A Homes Inc. to Jeff R. Harris and Kandice R. Harris, 256 Archers Glen Circle, $245,000.