Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: June 8-12, 2015

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from June 8 through June 12, 2015 in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Jane Sonnenday to Billie Jo North, 156 E. Curtin St., $230,000.

Anthony J. Cepullio and Eric J. Porterfield to Daniel J. Gill, 238 N. Allegheny St., $199,900.

Benner Township

Kimberly A. Homan and Stephen P. Homan to Melissa K. Teaman, 97 Spring Creek Road, $225,000.

Mark C. Sherburne and Susan R. Sherburne to Judy S. Haranin, 158 Meadow Flower Circle, $279,900.

Boggs Township

George W. Newman and Twila M. Newman to Toby C. Newman and Christie L. Newman, 1715 Egypt Hollow Road, $1.

Centre Hall Borough

Thomas M. Weaver and Chantelle L. Weaver to Rebecca Appler, 136 E. Allison St., $113,700.

Melissa K. Teaman to Jessica L. Aikey and Jason A. Aikey, 139 3rd St., $212,000.

College Township

S & A Homes Inc. to Stacey L. Blazina and Andrew Michael Smalley, property located in College Township, $413,436.

Mark D. Dwyer and Sarah M. Dwyer to Robert L. Steingrabe and Melissa Steingrabe, 2479 Buchenhorst Road, $165,000.

Carl R. Kline Estate and Edith Bilger to Edith Bilger, 3315 E. College Ave., $1.

W. Scott Flipse to Nicholas Kotch and Renee Kotch, 1245 Cottonwood Ave., $75,000.

Richard L. Crowley and Barbara R. Crowley to Penny A. Garban Family Trust and Steve A. Garban, 1030 Greenbriar Drive, $280,000.

Matthew R. Henry and Kara L. Henry to Lauren N. Randolph, David A. Randolph and Susan R. Randolph, 728 Tussey Lane, $217,000.

Curtin Township

Anthony J. Cingle and Judy W. Cingle to Wilbur E. Stocker Jr., property located along Buckridge Road, $100,000.

Ferguson Township

Shirley Ann Woodside to Michael S. McAfee, 3084 Sheffield Drive, $219,900.

Alice I. Matis to Donna L. Quadri and Pasquale Felitti, 1701 Princeton Drive, $300,000.

Phyllis Hertzog to Phyllis Hertzog and Ronald W. Hertzog, 204 S. Corl St., $1.

Carl R. Temple Estate and Traci Temple to Traci Temple, 2110 W. College Ave., $1.

Traci Temple to John Carl Jenkins, 2110 W. College Ave., $1.

D. Michael Taylor and Susan C. Taylor to EBSA LLC, 1518 N. Atherton St., $1,600,000.

Mary E. Adams and Robert A. Adams Jr. to Mark Kline, Eileen C. Kline, Norris Zachary Muth and Barbara Allyson Muth, 113 W. Pine Grove Road, $11,000.

Circleville Road Partners C LP to Berks Homes LLC, 391 Havershire Blvd., $29,700.

J. Allen Witherite and Tara R. Witherite to Sarah Rocker and Erik Hagan, 135 W. Chestnut St., $174,000.

Circleville Road Partners C LP to Berks Homes LLC, 163 Rushcliffe St., $29,700.

Circleville Road Partners C LP to Berks Homes LLC, 120 Rushcliffe St., $29,700.

Bruce R. Shorey and Linda S. Shorey to Brett Hollern and Christine Hollern, 784 Cornwall Road, $300,000.

Haines Township

Shirley L. Weaver Estate and Terry L. Weaver to Andrew D. Markle, property located in Haines Township, $18,000.

Harris Township

David A. Watkins and Pamela J. Watkins to Gregory A. Lingo and Jean L. Harrison, 1225 Earlystown Road, $267,500.

Edith L. Plummer Estate, also known as Edith L. Dickey Estate, and S. Elizabeth Dickey to Jeremy D. Moeller and Cristin M. Hall, 1442 Willowbrook Drive, $279,000.

TOA PA IV LP to Marjorie Delozier, 225 Plymouth Circle, $370,290.18.

Huston Township

Michael J. Angellotti and Kristina R. Angellotti to Michael J. Angellotti, 550 Ulrich Road, $1.

SEDA-COG Joint Rail Authority to Commonwealth of PA Dept. of Transportation, property located in Huston Township, $1.

Neal F. Proctor and Joan Proctor to Comonwealth of PA Dept. of Transportation, property located in Huston Township, $1.

Miles Township

Lester G. McWilliams and Barbara McWilliams to Timothy A. McWilliams, state Route 192, $1.

Larry R. Breon and Fay L. Breon to Dustin N. Auman, property located along Town Lane Road, $21,200.

Patton Township

Cristin M. Hall and Jeremy D. Moeller to Kate M. Lesciotto, 227 Oakwood Ave., $161,000.

Ralph E. Chronister to Charles Rock Rosamilia III and Lorraine Larsen Rosamilia, 4829 Buffalo Run Road, $8,000.

Charles Rock Rosamilia III and Lorraine Larsen Rosamilia to Charles Rock Rosamilia III and Lorraine Larsen Rosamilia, 4829 Buffalo Run Road, $1.

Ralph E. Chronister to Ralph E. Chronister, 4805 Buffalo Run Road, $1.

Matthew D. Hurteau and Sarah R. Hurteau to Jeffrey G. Wong and Lisa H. Preis, 112 Sandy Ridge Road, $347,000.

Justin T. Clark and Shao-Ling Ma to Ryan D. Kirkwood, 660 Stoneledge Road, $304,000.

Penn Township

Clara L. Robison Estate and Clearfield Bank & Trust Co. to Terry L. and John F. Robison LLC, 404 Tunnel Road, $275,000.

Port Matilda Borough

Amanda Richards and Joshua Richards to Jonathan R. Hodgins and Ara A. Hodgins, 204 N. High St., $180,000.

Potter Township

Larry A. Brown Estate and Connie B. Mell to Priscilla B. Bruce, Beverly B. Hotaling and Brenda B. McNeil, property located along state Route 144, $1.

Snow Shoe Township

Wells Fargo Bank to Randall E. Viehdorfer and Cheryl Ann Viehdorfer, 136 Spruce Road, $9,000.

Joseph W. Martin and Filomena M. Martin to Michael D. Brown and Kristy L. Brown, 632 Eleven Road, $85,000.

Spring Township

Vincent Romanini and Brenda J. Moore to Christopher J. Krum, 125 Elm St., $154,900.

John Douglas and Sarah Douglas to Christopher J. Harris and Jodi O. Harris, 129 Rosehill Drive, $265,000.

Robert Caverly to Jeremy M. Honzell and Jennifer A. Honzell, 732 Willowbank St., $105,000.

Matthew L. Jones to Jacob C. Smith, Amanda J. Smith and Glenn A. Shirey, 116 Gwenedd Court, $229,900.

Bobbie L. Benner, also known as Bobbie L. Deibler, to Timothy S. Diebler and Bobbie L. Diebler, 126 Noll St., $1.

State College Borough

Michael Jonathan Clark and Heather Joy Kuhns-Clark to Frances Elizabeth Miller, 1040 Greenfield Circle, $379,000.

Dunbar McManus Partners to Mark S. Freeark and Sharon B. Freeark, 310 S. Allen St., $329,000.

Esther V. Cramer Estate and Joann C. Thompson to Joann C. Thompson, 1128 S. Allen St., $1.

Angelina Natale and Donald J. Natale Jr. to LMR Holdings LLC, 415 S. Atherton St., $152,900.

Kuang-Hua Hsieh and Feng Cheng to Michael P. Lenze and Yvonne Lenze, 916 Southgate Drive, $146,000.

Union Township

Scott L. Horner and Jennifer L. Horner to Phillip Hrenko and Frances A. Hrenko, 1495 Hall Road, $259,900.