Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: June 16-19, 2015

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from June 15 through June 19, 2015 in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Thomes E. Tressler and Debra K. Tressler to Laura Thorne, 526 W. Lamb St., $128,900.

Karen M. Fry and Bryan K. Fry to Fry Apartments LLC, 393 Pine St., $1.

Roxie J. Ishler to Nittany Valley Abstract Company Inc., 204 E. High St., $118,000.

Benner Township

Robert B. Nellis, Dolores M. Nellis and William Martin to Dohn A. Dunmire and Gail J. Dunmire, 296 Armagast Road, $1.

Michael Herb, Cynthia Herb and Stephanie Herb to Robert Phillips and Melissa Phillips, 1159 Valley View Road, $163,400.

Kathleen M. Way Trust, Charles Clare Way and Clifford Guy Way to Christopher J. Pearson, 229 Fultons Run Road, $170,000.

Kelly B. Stazi to Ann E. Gamble, 126 Kavas Circle, $249,900.

Boggs Township

TA Operating LLC to HPT TA Properties Trust, 875 N. Eagle Valley Road, $10.

Runville United Methodist Church to Richard E. Newman and Carol L. Newman, 1221 Runville Road, $47,500.

College Township

David A. Yearick and Julene A. Yearick to Steven M. Gaddis Jr. and Carrie N. Fox, 3515 S. Atherton St., $182,000.

Brian E. Johnson and Christina A. Johnson to Andrew D. Leway and Susan R. Leway, 115 Oak Pointe Circle, $430,000.

Donna E. Hillegass to Sandra H. Kosik, 724 Tussey Lane, $170,000.

Junfeng Jia and Meijie Xu to Christian Kurpiel-Wakamiya and Christine Kurpiel-Wakamiya, 135 Lincoln Ave., $190,000.

Jason S. Fischer and Christina A. Fischer to Jonathan K. Daw, 1600 W. Branch St., $203,500.

Paul C. Painter and Cathleen A. Flood to Timothy Robicheaux, 781 Brush Valley Road, $212,000.

Etta E. Habegger and Charlotte D. Eubanks to Matthew P. Rooke and Lara E. Rooke, 221 Elm St., $186,000.

Brad A. Michael and Kathleen J. Michael to Louis Boisvert and Krystal Diaz, 100 Jefferson Ave., No. 118, $199,000.

Curtin Township

Kamico Holdings LLC to Emile C. R. Weaver and Linda M. Weaver, 2090 Marsh Creek Road, $170,000.

Ferguson Township

Circleville Road Partners C LP to Berks Homes LLC, 152 Rushcliffe St., $23,100.

Circleville Road Partners C LP to Berks Homes LLC, 156 Rushcliffe St., $23,100.

Lawrence A. Woods, Kathleen A. Woods, Peter K. Woods and Misty A. Woods to Jim Bartges and Lisa K. Bartges, 1651 Glenwood Circle, $290,000.

Aimee N. Lessman Estate and Deana R. Musso to James S. Lee and Catherine Z. Lee, 798 Tanager Drive, $250,000.

Dorothy C. Lutz to Carlo D. Panlilio and Dora M. Hunter, 1737 Princeton Drive, $306,900.

Shengwei Zhu and Ningchun Xu to James S. Lee and Catherine Z. Lee, 531 Hawknest Road, $261,750.

Sandra H. Kosik to Linda A. Tardio, 3296 Shellers Bend, Unit 131, $270,000.

John A. Johnson and Carolyn H. Johnson to Jong Bark and Jenny Sunju Bark, 303 McBath St., $285,000.

McGarvey Trust, Anne E. Detmer and James E. McGarvey to Lawrence A. Woods and Kathleen A. Woods, 308 McBath St., $235,000.

Carleen F. Maitland to Steven A. Mower, 1327 Harris St., $190,000.

S & A Homes Inc. to Vikash V. Gayah and Sukran I. Guler, 141 Red Willow Road, $350,200.

Salvador L. De La Nuez and Kathryn M. De La Nuez to Tim Riefel and Amy Riefel, 728 Partridge Lane, $274,900.

Timothy M. Ryan and Leigh C. Ryan to Luke J. Depasqua and Lakisia E. Drew, 144 Deepwood Drive, $239,000.

Leroy H. Tressler and Brandy L. Tressler to Leroy H. Tressler and Brandy L. Tressler, 910 Nixon Road, $1.

Cheryl L. Lichtenstein to Jeffrey L. Lichtenstein, 2312 Oak Leaf Drive, $1.

Linda C. Higginson and Susan C. Youtz to Linda C. Higginson and Susan C. Youtz, 3296 Shellers Bend, Unit 147, $1.

Leroy H. Tressler and Brandy L. Tressler to Tyler E. Tressler, property located along North Nixon Road, $1.

Thomas F. Songer, Joseph Cosolito, H. David Brown Estate, Alison B. Kurtz and Park Forest Five Partners to Thomas F. Songer, property located along Berkshire Drive, $1.

Andrew J. Lloyd and Kelly A. Lloyd to Russell N. Kalnoskas and Sarah E. Kalnoskas, 140 Plainfield Road, $214,900.

James M. Puder and Linda K. Puder to Ryan P. Chestnut and Jennifer Chestnut, 1410 Tadpole Road, $179,900.

Gregg Township

Glenn C. Auman Estate and Harold L. Auman to Francis C. Auman, 116 Toolshed Lane, $1.

Mark E. Kauffman and Doris J. Kauffman to Henry J. Glick and Barbie Ann Glick, property located along Sinking Creek Road, $725,000.

Anabaptist Foundation Inc. to Jacob S. Blank and Lizzie E. Blank, property located along Wildflower Lane, $170,000.

Mark E. Kauffman and Doris J. Kauffman to Jacob S. Blank and Lizzie E. Blank, 678 Sinking Creek Road, $377,000.

Haines Township

John A. Miller and Diana M. Miller to Anthony C. Bierly and Dawna L. Bierly, 334 W. Plum St., $170,000.

Halfmoon Township

Christopher M. Wharton and Andrea C. Wharton to John Simpkins and Matthew Schmiedel, 90 Skyharbor Drive, $443,000.

Richard A. Graham and Darlene M. Graham to Richard A. Graham and Darlene M. Graham, property located along state Route 550, $1.

Harris Township

Patrick S. Broos and Leisa K. Townsley to Sergey V. Lebedev and Yuliya Y. Lebedev, 1316 Springfield Circle, $317,000.

TOA PA IV LP to William A. Black and Judith L. Black, 350 Beacon Circle, $502,277.17.

Lee M. Hammarstrom and Patricia W. Hammarstrom to Quaint LLC, 202 Homestead Lane, $1.

TOA PA IV LP to Ann M. Connolly Living Trust, Ann M. Connolly and James P. Connolly, 223 Plymouth Circle, $401,244.50.

Christopher C. Carver, Brenda P. Carver and Brenda L. Poorbaugh to Robert E. Watson Jr. and Sarah E. Watson, 504 West Drive, $207,000.

Joseph L. Amendola to Frederick I. Sahakian, 121 Aspen Drive, $1.

Robert Scholten Revocable Living Trust and Robert Scholten to Thomas G. Cali and Esther A. Cali, 132 W. Pine St., $215,600.

Ronald L. Rubin to Lior B. Sternfeld and Sharon Sternfeld, 101 Berwick Drive, $230,000.

Huston Township

Elaine M. Jones to Martha D. Rutledge, 570 Maurer Lane, $207,000.

Liberty Township

Jordan N. Heineman to Robert W. Heineman, 173 Main St., $98,000.

Marion Township

Harry E. Poorman IV and Kimberly Poorman to Richard J. Grieb and Lisa Jo Grieb, property located along Beech Bottom Road, $540,000.

Miles Township

Gordon Y. Dale and Lois L. Dale to Samuel F. Bierly, Nancy C. Bierly and Diane M. Bierly, 149 E. Main St., $35,000.

Patton Township

Aaron Fineberg to Aaron M. Fineberg, Aaron Fineberg and Hilary M. Fineberg, 182 Whisper Ridge Drive, $1.

Jason A. Chelik, Jessica L. Patrick and Jessica P. Chelik to Anthony J. Cepullio and Donna S. Cepullio, 144 Tradition Drive, $322,000.

DMP Northern Tier LP to Theodore John Hovick and Katherine Miller Hovick, 138 Briar Court, $99,000.

Thomas L. Polak Sr. and Nancy L. Polak to Ming Li and Yao Guo, 225 Oakwood Ave., $151,000.

Charles G. Hughes II and Patricia M. Hughes to Melissa A. Meyer, 5151 W. Buffalo Run Road, $128,000.

Richard C. Ready and Anne E. Ready to Clark V. Brigger and Heather S. Brigger, 640 Earl Drive, $456,000.

John M. Faust and Mary E. Faust to Gerry D. Balz and Anne K. Balz, 120 Beaumanor Road No. 302, $226,000.

Geoffrey Gutgold and Nichola Gutgold to Andrew R. Calvin, 442 Canterbury Road, $269,900.

Kimberly A. Griffin to David Zlosel, 825 Galen Drive, $160,000.

John Jensen and Rosario Jensen to Jason W. Dougherty and Kristi R. Dougherty, 1988 Highland Drive, $175,000.

Philipsburg Borough

Lawrence L. McGovern Estate and Sandra L. Gantt to Garabed P. Toumayants, 1122 Cherry St., $5,500.

James Flug and Donna J. Flug to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 117 S. Centre St., $3,731.86.

Port Matilda Borough

Jeffrey L. St. Clair to Clayton D. Kessling, 201 E. Plank Road, $92,800.

Potter Township

Darren A. Narber and Anne T. Narber to Francis W. Glantz, 391 Tusseyville Road, $216,000.

Christopher J. Pearson to Thomas L. Florey and Tracy A. Florey, 192 Lake Road, $240,500.

Thelma J. Bonchak to Tammy Strouse, Pamela Shreffler and Stephen Bonchak, 114 Heisey Drive, $1.

Jack Henry White Revocable Living Trust, Jack H. White Estate and Wayne L. White to Vincent J. Romanini and Brenda J. Moore, 185 Manor Road, $71,000.

Rush Township

Arthur E. Gustafson and Brenda Gustafson to Jacob M. Miller, property located along State Street, $60,000.

Snow Shoe Township

Todd D. Renninger and Heather L. Renninger to United Financial Mortgage Co., 169 Gorton Road, $74,000.

Heath Taylor and Heather Taylor to Scott L. McClellan, 615 Clarence Road, $95,000.

Spring Township

Joseph E. Rose Jr. and Ginger V. Rose to Aaron J. Hoffman and Megan R. Hoffman, 204 N. Vanessa Drive, $162,000.

Koltay Homes Inc. to Harry E. Poorman IV and Kimberly Poorman, property located in Spring Township, $225,000.

State College Borough

Joan W. Hames to Gino Alan Ruta and Paula Maria Ruta, 300 S. Allen St., $305,000.

Cynthia A. Brewer to Beniamino Rolan Ambrosi and Magali Armillas Tiseyra, 1196 Westerly Parkway, $196,000.

Anne H. Kepler to Kathryn Yahner, 935 W. Whitehall Road, $152,000.

Edward G. Buss and Dorothy Buss to KAM3 Properties LLC, 1420 S. Garner St., $244,500.

Vera Mark to James W. Halsell and Michele W. Halsell, 418 Martin Terrace, $296,000.

Lenore K. Horner to Horner Trust and Lenore K. Horner, 1124 S. Allen St., $1.

Chad Dubin, Heather V. Whitteker-Dubin, Mark Dubin, Diana Esber-Dubin, Beth Dubin and Beth Gerber to Beth Gerber and Michael Gerber, 222 W. Beaver Ave., $1.

Mark S. Morrison and Laura Reed-Morrison to Daniel Max Crowley and Nicole Ashley Crowley, 423 E. Waring Ave., $374,195.

Mary S. Mander to Redevelopment Authority of State College Borough, 222 W. Prospect Ave., $271,000.

Walker Township

Martin S. Berry to Thomas J. McCrea, 185 Lorinda Lane, $255,000.

Richard J. Grieb and Lisa J. Grieb to Dennis Homiak and Susan M. Homiak, 4120 Nittany Valley Drive, $225,000.

Scott Strouse and Pamela C. Strouse to William W. Vanorden II and Carrie R. Vanorden, property located along Deitrich Road, $12,500.

Roger A. Hummel to Joseph C. Guebara and Marchelle L. Guebara, 4131 Nittany Valley Drive, $152,000.