Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: June 22-26, 2015

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from June 22 through June 26, 2015 in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Linda A. Coble to James M. Decosmo and Amber L. Decosmo, 1165 Centre St., $160,000.

Bellefonte Mews LP to 110 High Street Associates LP, 110 E. High St., $1.

Bellefonte Mews LP to 114 High Street Associates LP, 114 E. High St., $1.

Bellefonte Mews LP to Bellefonte Mews LP, 112 E. High St., $1.

Benner Township

Andrew M. Weber and Tina M. Kopilchak to Suzanne E. Kutz, 118 Meadow Flower Circle, $298,000.

Boggs Township

Russell V. and Evelyn A. Rhoades Rev. Trust, Evelyn A. Rhoades Estate, Russell V. Rhoades Jr., Larry R. Rhoades, Russell V. Rhoades Jr. and Larry R. Rhoades to Alexis Janelle Rhoades, 985 Bullit Run Road, $130,000.

Roy H. Struble, Sr., Roy H. Struble, and Janet E. Struble to Derrick S. Shiner, 185 Wallace Run Road, $150,000.

College Township

Scottycat LLC to Christopher D. Millet, 114 Peach Court, $365,000.

Stearns Boal LP to BHL Partnership and Steve Hackman Builders, 155 Meadowsweet Drive, $126,000.

William L. Sims Estate and Richard W. Sims to Pearle K. Larson and Christina M. Larson, 249 Village Heights Drive, $274,500.

Roberrt L. Kovach and guardian and David R. Kovach by guardian to Brian R. Rose and April M. Rose, 303 Hill Drive, $128,000.

Sean M. Agnew and Rebecca A. L. Agnew to Brandon A. Balotti and Amanda R. Karl, 2669 Penbrook Lane, $175,500.

Midwest Loan Services Inc. to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., 1708 E. Branch Road, $1.

Stephen J. Miska and Jennifer Seller Miska to David F. Ostrow, 138 Asbury Lane, $354,500.

Karen L. Duncan to Andrew J. Myrick and Jennifer M. Myrick, 438 Gerald St., $169,250.

Ferguson Township

Larissa M. Wille to James F. Bingman and Megan L. Bingman, 2124 Autumnwood Drive, $376,000.

Andrew R. Calvin to Patricia J. Rhees, 3070 Sheffield Drive, $242,500.

Ray E. Dreibelbis to Ray E. Dreibelbis and Ray E. Dreibelbis Jr., 160 Emory Lane, $1.

Kathleen M. Langston to Elizabeth Parfitt-Marfitt, 634 Kansa Ave., $150,000.

Jane A. Leipold and Michael J. Leipold to Michael J. Leipold, 2419 Harvest Ridge Road, $1.

Johnson Farm Associates, Thomas F. Songer and S & A Homes Inc. to Cole E. McDanel and Emily E. McDanel, 2468 Raven Hollow Road, $340,135.

Avis Kirk O’Donnell and Brian Anthony O’Donnell to Anthony N. Walczak and Sharon L. Walczak, 757 Beaver Branch Road, $1.

Surojit Sarkar and Vandana Kalia to Jason Z. Moore and Monica J. Henderson, 696 Tanager Drive, $375,000.

Melik Demirel and Deniz Ela Kucuk Demirel to Gaurav V. Puri, 127 N. Harvest Run Road, $307,450.

Gregg Township

Rose M. Franklin to Kyle H. Sweeley, 732 Green Grove Road, $3,000.

Halfmoon Township

Patricia C. Colby to Lemuel R. Adkins Jr. and Kendra C. Adkins, 163 Ira Lane, $187,900.

S & A Homes Inc. to Kenneth Rhymer and Destiny Rhymer, 111 Harness Downs Road, $305,068.

Thomas K. Stark and Susan L. Stark to Christopher A. Gawryla, 392 Tow Hill Road, $131,900.

Ross J. Franks and Elizabeth A. Franks to Jonathan T. Wirth and Mary F. Wirth, 155 Centennial Hills Road, $335,000.

Harris Township

TOA PA IV LP to Robert F. Deans and Elizabeth A. Deans, 216 Plymouth Circle, $358,019.83.

David O. Eckley and Connie L. Eckley to Lucas Clair Stine, 110 East Drive, $135,000.

TOA PA IV LP to Brian C. Clouser, 156 Plymouth Circle, $344,319.76.

Gwendolyn M. Lloyd to Marie-Louise Nader and Gustavo A. Nader, 312 Fairfield Drive, $357,000.

Thomas M. Rudy to Michael B. Rudy, 447 Bailey Lane, $1.

H. Todd Lenhart and Jennifer A. Lenhart to William F. Oldsey and Julie Levin Alexander, property located along Mount Pleasant Drive, $1.

Mary Suzanne Roy to Nigel D. Wilson and Dagmar M. Wilson, 327 Kimport Ave., $189,900.

Huston Township

Clark A. Reese Sr. and Kathy M. Reese to Joshua E. Richards and Amanda L. Richards, 707 Silverdale Road, $270,000.

Liberty Township

Anna Mae Dehaas to Allen L. Dehaas, 234 Eagleville Road, $79,000.

Miles Township

Nancy L. Spangler to Mark E. Kauffman and Doris J. Kauffman, 134 Town Lane Road, $140,000.

Stephen L. Barker and Carol M. Barker to Stephen L. Barker and Carol M. Barker, 209 Madisonburg Pike, $1.

Patton Township

Kevin T. Briggs and Tonya M. Briggs to Tonya M. Briggs, 174 Glenndale Drive, $1.

James A. Gerardo and Jill A. Gerardo to Jason R. Killam and Emily L. Killam, property located along Manhassett Court, $247,500.

Gregory A. Babich and Andrea G. P. Babich to Christopher Leo Ivory and Susan Marie Brundage, 455 Canterbury Drive, $265,000.

Kit Properties LLC and Carpenter Property Management LLC to Donghai Wang and Rong Kou, 2026 Mary Ellen Lane, $157,000.

Michael L. Hodges and Adrianne M. Hodges to David Dasari and Suchitra Dasari, 251 Brothers Court, $600,000.

Eric R. Hayot and Chunyuan Di to Chunyuan Di, 540 Melissa Lane, $1.

Susan Paris and Stephen Paris to Todd J. Hawbaker and Shannon L. Hawbaker, property located along Stevenson Road, $60,000.

Suzanne E. Kutz to Sharon K. Kalajainen and Daniel P. Eckrode, 227 Timberton Circle, $590,000.

Catherine M. Petrino Estate and Catherine M. Lieb to John A. Walker, Carol L. Walker and Michael P. Walker, 1893 Park Forest Ave., $209,000.

Deidre McCaughey to Ravishankar E. Rao, 111 Tradition Drive, $320,900.

Richard C. Nelson and Inez R. Nelson to Felisa D. Preciado, 411 Park Lane, $259,000.

Philipsburg Borough

Ernest L. Mills to Jackie K. Mills, 1217 E. Pine St., $1.

John E. Burns and Ruth B. Burns to Sharon J. Pusey, 416 Sheffield St., $139,900.

Port Matilda Borough

Mark D. Van Ouse and Cathleen A. Van Ouse to Jerry A. Hockenberry and Brittany A. Hoyman, 105 S. High St., $129,900.

Gary L. Bailey and Connie S. Bailey to Clark Reese and Kathy Reese, 313 N. High St., $54,000.

Potter Township

Pamela K. Mussey to Mark J. Cuomo and Kim Cuomo, property located along Micah Trail, $66,500.

Rush Township

Beneficial Consumer Discount Co. and Beneficial Mortgage Co. of Pennsylvania to Key Warranty LLC, 107 Loch Lomond Road, $18,799

Michael C. White Estate, Michael C. White Senior and Lee Ann Lazar to Lee Ann Lazar, 238 Game Reserve Road, $1.

Snow Shoe Borough

Doherty Family Revocable Trust, Mary Anne Raymond and Kathleen M. Massar to Kathleen M. Massar, property located along Meadow St., $1.

Doherty Family Revocable Trust, Mary Anne Raymond and Kathleen M. Massar to Mary Ann Raymond, 101 Honeysuckle Lane, $1.

Snow Shoe Township

Thomas E. Haynes and Kimberly F. Haynes to William E. Schall, 157 Cherry Road, $93,000.

Spring Township

Koltay Homes Inc. to David O. Eckley and Connie L. Eckley, property located in Spring Township, $225,000.

Springfield Limited Partnership and Fine Line Homes Inc. to Jason E. Detar and Meredith L. Bartron, 91 Landon Drive, $294,900.

Janet L. Cowher to Mark Whitman and Jamie Whitman, 219 Bilger Ave., $1.

State College Borough

Jeffrey L. Hyde and Sharon D. Hyde to Carleen F. Maitland, 625 N. Allen St., $315,000.

Ray J. Lunnen Jr. and Gloria J. Lunnen to Gwendolyn M. Lloyd, 1018 Saxton Drive, $307,500.

Alice R. Altounian, also known as Alice K. Altounian, to Alice R. Altounian Revocable Trust and Alice R. Altounian, 131 Sowers St., $1.

John R. Mangino and Jane R. Mangino to William D. Deardorff and Jennifer A. Deardorff, 526 W. Nittany Ave., $1.

Chloe Silverman and Robert James Vitalis to Stephen M. Wheeler and Denise K. Wheeler, 534 Glenn Road, $286,000.

Union Township

Dennis E. Hockenberry Sr., Roxanne L. Hockenberry and Ronald L. Hockenberry to Roxanne L. Hockenberry and Ronald L. Hockenberry, 693 Rattlesnake Pike, $1.

Larry W. McKinley to Larry W. McKinley and Tina M. McKinley, 124 Bush Hollow Road, $1.

Walker Township

P R Properties Partnership to George E. Schreck and Michele L. Schreck, property located along Two Mile Road, $58,000.

Kerry E. Moore and Debra J. Moore to Courtney Vanorden-Krout and Troy Krout, 1150 Two Mile Road, $360,000.

Jeffrey W. Walker and Joan L. Walker to Shane T. Dickey and Autumn N. Dickey, 174 Jefferson Circle, $258,500.