Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: June 29-Aug.2, 2015

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from June 29 through July 2, 2015 in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Taylor B. Decker to Kaleena A. Selfridge and Elliott T. Selfridge, 231 E. High St., $135,000.

Ida C. Roan Estate and Jerry R. Roan to Ted H. Conklin, Carla Mulford Conklin and Donald L. Conklin, property located along Thomas St., $5,000.

Ida C. Roan Estate and Jerry R. Roan to Ted H. Conklin, Carla Mulford Conklin and Donald L. Conklin, 265 N. Thomas St., $28,000.

Jessica P. Welch and Dana L. Guyer to Kenneth B. Jones and Amy Kelchner, 512 E. Curtin St., $338,000.

Miles R. and Frances M. King Revocable Living Trust, Russell D. King and David Grove to Richard J. Lorenzo, 971 Tanney St., $147,000.

Eli W. Halterman and Elizabeth E. Halterman to Steven D. Sherman and Martha G. Sherman, 1116 Centre St., $204,000.

Benner Township

East End Partnership to Virginia M. Clickner, property located in Benner Township, $287,741.

Boggs Township

Kelly Jo Noecker to Steven L. Stem and Lisa A. Stem, 150 Jack Pine Lane, $105,000.

Victoria Lyons to Steven L. Stem and Lisa A. Stem, 190 Summers Lane, $6,000.

Burnside Township

Karl S. Knaub, Beth A. Knaub, Jody E. Knaub, Christopher L. Knaub, Carissa Knaub, Michael A. Knaub and Jacqueline Knaub to Andrew T. Sattazahn and Jennifer A. Sattazahn, property located along East Road, $45,000.

Elwood King and Christie King to Gary Lee Facer and Lori Jane Facer, 201 Red Lick Lane, $149,700.

College Township

Jonathan Paul Miller and Kathryn L. Miller to Naomi M. English, 1232 Edward St., $299,700.

Federal National Mortgage Assoc. and Fannie Mae to Jamison Malcolm and Lauren E. Malcolm, 1708 E. Branch Road, $216,600.

Amber L. Roy and Emile P. Roy IV to Cynthia Pellock, 133 Winchester Court, $220,000.

Wilbert L. Hinds to Aaron B. Cleveland and Claire E. Cleveland, 201 Whitehill St., $149,900.

Nathan K. Leopard and Jennifer Grossman, now known as Jennifer Leopard, to Derek M. Janis and Rebecca A. Janis, 110 Lincoln Ave., Unit 7B, $194,500.

Patrick C. Shih to Ashton M. Verdery and Amanda J. Byrd, 134 Bathgate Drive, $333,000.

Norman R. Sunday Jr. and Linda S. Carter to Debra A. Fitzpatrick, 116 Hunter Ave., $235,000.

Catherine W. Michael to Irene Abramson and Bonnie Abramson Eckstut, 305 Village Heights Drive, $168,000.

E C Schneider Inc. to UNCVF LLC, 625 Puddintown Road, $10.

Wilbur C. Hantel to Angie K. Morrison and James A. Morrison, 201 Hunter Ave., $228,500.

Curtin Township

Classi Four Group to Rodney S. McMonagle and Mary M. McMonagle, 251 Coatmans Way, $248,000.

Ferguson Township

Namsoon Jung and Eun Mo Huh to Nicholas C. Petruzzi and Heidi Ann Petruzzi, 1157 Longfellow Lane, $450,500.

Thomas F. Songer, S & A Homes Inc. and Johnson Farm Associates to Mae L. Galio and Donald A. Galio, 300 Hawknest Road, $277,795.

Andrew P. Hitchings and Lacreasia K. Wheat-Hitchings to Daniel E. Rapsinski and Ashley D. Rapsinski, 2354 Prairie Rose Lane, $326,000.

Alice C. Black Estate, Robert C. Black, Virginia B. Kocher and Ruth B. Rodgers to Theodore D. Gabriel Sr. and Lori J. Steffensen, 137 Goddard Circle, $240,000.

Raytheon Company to Raytheon Company, property located along Science Park Road, $1.

Shirley L. Keller Estate, Melody K. Mehalick, Marsha K. Stover, Marilyn G. Byers and Melisa K. Jodon to Melody K. Mehalick and Joseph E. Mehalick, 185 Sycamore Drive, $152,500.

Raytheon Company to Pennsylvania State University, property located along Science Park Road, $2,100,000.

Donald A. Fischman and Barbara A. Lohse to Grace Ann Ormston and R. Lee Ormston, 3221 Shellers Bend, No. 814, $345,000.

Robin J. Petrini to Matthew P. Green and Lawrie C. Green, 1645 S. Cherry Hill Road, $257,000.

Kay F. Barker and Walter D. Barker to Moza Fay and Lauren Fay, 2392 Old Gatesburg Road, $200,000.

Christopher J. Kaminski and Kelly A. Reilly-Kaminski to Dashun Wang and Tian Shen, 2047 Autumnwood Drive, $384,000.

Jean Luc P. Serriere to Theodore R. Timmerman III and Teresa M. Timmerman, 245 Madison St., $270,000.

Michael R. Bennett and Crystal A. Bennett to Yella Hammer LLC, 112 W. Pine Grove Road, $155,000.

Daniel E. Rapsinski to James V. Piro III and Kristen A. Witherite, 4832 W. Whitehall Road, $189,000.

John E. Ayers and Sheryl J. Ayers to Peter G. Iliev and Svetla V. Vitanova, 1752 James Ave., $305,000.

Qi-Ping Zhu to Conrad S. Tucker and Nadiya M. Tucker, 381 Cogan Circle, $250,000.

James D. Kubicki and Doris Kubicki to Derek K. Ishler and Lauren E. Ishler, 1751 Manor Court, $275,000.

Gregg Township

James F. Immel Estate, Mae I. Rider and Rennie Rider to David L. King and Martha G. King, property located along Standing Bear Lane North, $15,000.

Beverly A. Minerich, formerly known as Beverly A. Ronk, and Shawn P. Minerich to Dana J. Confer, 215 Grenoble Road, $219,000.

Lois W. Ellenberger to Herbert S. Grove III, 162 Blue Ball Road, $289,000.

Haines Township

Ernest W. Weaver and Susan P. Weaver to John T. Ptacek and Nancy L. Ptacek, 102 Stewart Lane, $1.

alfmoon Township

S & A Homes Inc. to David M. Witt and Melissa A. Witt, 154 Harness Downs Road, $419,529.

Harris Township

Jody D. Marshall and Amber D. Gehrlein, now known as Amber D. Marshall, to Jody D. Marshall and Amber D. Marshall, 514 Beaumont Drive, $1.

TOA PA IV LP to Brian D. Green and Terri L. Green, 210 Plymouth Circle, $380,529.62.

TOA PA IV LP to John T. Zerbe and Janet S. Zerbe, 339 Beacon Circle, $482,155.11.

TOA PA IV LP to Stephen A. Fredericks and Jennifer L. Fredericks, 150 Plymouth Circle, $445,438.06.

John T. Zerbe and Janet S. Zerbe to Patrick J. Foster and Electra L. Foster, 625 Rosslyn Road, $665,000.

Boyd A. Brumbaugh to Yasuharu Tamashima and Amanda S. Tamashima, 215 Shrineview Ave., $170,000.

Theodore F. Krichels and Patricia S. Howard to Benjamin A. McGraw and Meghan C. McGraw, 210 Miller Lane, $480,000.

Fred A. Strouse to Alicia M. Starr and Gregory B. Mudzinski, 201 S. Church St., $178,000.

Ellen R. Black to William J. Furman and Renata T. Furman, 1311 Springfield Circle, $289,000.

Michael W. Angello and Dina Angello to Bret J. Buterbaugh and Marie M. Buterbaugh, 713 Jacks Mill Drive, $120,000.

KBBH Partnership to Francis Joseph Aiello, property located in Harris Township, $221,300.

David S. Brassington Estate and Kenneth G. Brassington to Clio M. Andris, 133 E. Main St., $265,000.

TOA PA IV LP to Kenneth Allen Githens and Kim Stover Githens, 214 Plymouth Circle, $357,919.81.

Craig Gates Trust and Kish Bank to Craig M. Gates and Megan M. Gates, 805 Boalsburg Pike, $1.

Howard Borough

Jonathan T. Long and Kellie S. Long to Jonathan T. Long, 148 Hogan Lane, $1.

Huston Township

Baron L. Jones and Susan E. Jones to Matthew Adams and Carina Adams, 272 Taylor Lane, $260,000.

Marjorie Jane McCaslin and George Alan Flick to Marjorie Jane McClaslin, 2552 Dix Run Road, $1.

Marion Township

John P. Laslo and Maxine E. Laslo to Debra Creighton, 221 Sunset Drive, $250,000.

Miles Township

Eric R. Manbeck to Megan L. Mitchell, 137 Madisonburg Pike, $142,100.

Patton Township

Theodore J. Hovick Jr. and Katherine M. Hovick to Douglas A. Kris and Lee Ann Kris, 108 Skytop Lane, $533,000.

Andrew C. Chappie and Amber Lingle to Rebecca J. Spraker, 321 Oakwood Ave., $156,500.

Robert Lee Ormston, also known as R. Lee Ormston, and Grace H. Ormston to Andrew Sears and Mary Sears, 142 Fenwick Drive, $555,000.

Lance W. Brodie and Susan R. Brodie to Patton Township, property located along Leawood Lane, $1.

Jesse J. Bowser to Bruce A. Desmarais and Rebecca Desmarais, 126 Kenley Court, $224,000.

S & A Homes Inc. to Stephen J. Kach and Kathleen M. Kach, property located in Patton Township, $298,753.

Andrew L. Lefchak and Dorothy Rose Lefchak to Marc Hertzberg and Madeline Hertzberg, 237 Oakley Drive, $198,000.

Kenneth B. Kephart and Patricia H. Kephart to Matthew J. Kisenwether, 2094 Mary Ellen Lane, $148,153.

Armin Ataei-Esfahani and Shahrzad Hossein-Yazdi to Rexon Property LLC, 646G Oakwood Ave., $210,000.

Philipsburg Borough

U S Bank and Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency to Tammy I. Monoskey, 328 N. 9th St., $15,000.

John W. Swartout and Kelly L. Swartout to Front Street Philipsburg LLC, 133 N. Front St., $235,000.

Progressive Publishing Co. Inc., also known as Progressive Publishing Company, also known as Progressive Publishing Company Inc., to Tioga Publishing Company, 109 N. Front St., $100,000.

Potter Township

C. Guy Rudy and Ruth C. Rudy to Kevin D. Rudy and Fehnja Rudy, property located along Rudy Road, $1.

C. Guy Rudy and Ruth C. Rudy to Matthew T. Fragassi and Laura E. Fragassi, property located along Rudy Road, $1.

Jim Gorski, also known as James R. Gorski, to James R. Gorski and Patti C. Gorski, 212 Venerick Hollow Lane, $1.

John P. Siwulich and Theresa A. Siwulich to Douglas G. Morrison and Diana M. Morrison, 140 Dove Lane, $350,000.

Valley Business Associates LP, Salvatore L. Nicosia, Jr. and Pauline R. Nicosia to Charles J. Pifer and Lori J. Pifer, property located in Potter Township, $49,900.

Rush Township

Carlton F. Chulick and Travis H. Chulick to Alder Sales and Service LLC, 453 N. Fifth St., $65,000.

Anna M. Haines to Navasky Real Estate LLC, 815 Tyrone Pike, $90,000.

Carolyn Switala Schram, also known as Carolyn L. Switala, to Anne E. Betts and Heidi A. Betts, 3200 Tyrone Pike, $252,300.

Spring Township

Edward J. Warren, Betty A. Warren and Edward J. Warren Jr. to Betty A. Warren and Edward J. Warren Jr., 267 Gwenedd Lane, $1.

Erica R. Schreffler to Jon M. Carson, 304 S. Main St., $145,000.

Vedat Kilic and Alayna M. Kilic, formerly known as Alayna Stephens, to Christopher J. Walter and Jennifer L. Walter, 220 Gwenedd Lane, $229,900.

Clear Prop of Central Pennsylvania LLC to Christopher I. Maxwell and Kathryn M. Maxwell, 191 Jonathan Lane, $296,380.

JFDC Land Acquisition LLC to Vedat Kilic and Alayna Kilic, 179 Jonathan Lane, $289,900.

U S Bank to Ilya S. Maslov, 140 Lee St., $45,000.

State College Borough

Bernice R. Mentzer Estate and Jacqueline M. Edwards to James S. Lee and Catherine Z. Lee, 557 Clarence Ave., $300,000.

Susan Schoenholtz to April Detar, 784 Westerly Parkway, $235,000.

Jenny A. Trinitapoli and Gregory G. Collins to Keith Scott Landfried and Janet Ohle Landfried, 907 Taylor St., $255,000.

Patricia A. Jennings and Andre E. La Velle to Raymond A. Plunkett and Peggy S. Plunkett, 1031 Greenfield Circle, $273,000.

Mark C. Mescher and Consuelo M. De Moraes to Jonathan Eaton and Carolyn Eaton, 705 W. Park Ave., $935,000.

Ravi Kumar Kopparapu and Varada V. Vaidya to Marcel A. Neumann and Maureen T. Kilian, 908 Bayberry Drive, $242,000.

Matthew James Heckman to Redevelopment Authority of State College Borough, 304 W. Prospect Ave., $241,500.

Kevin R. Woods and Mary E. Woods to Margaret A. Scoviak and Amy Susan McKee, 141 W. Whitehall Road, $260,000.

Neil R. Bechdel and Julia Weldon to Jessica B. Avery and Julian D. Avery, 441 W. Fairmont Ave., $314,000.

Walker Township

Tricia Krepps Kauffman, also known as Tricia L. Krepps, and Paul S. Kauffman to Michael Chilcot Jr. and Miranda Mae Chilcot, 310 Fieldstone Lane, $137,000.

Valerie J. Risbon, now known as Valerie J. Lingle, and Terry Lingle to Sarah K. Moryken, 310 Pebble Lane, $133,000.

Barbara C. Hohn and Robert J. Hohn to Cody D. Young and Nicole J. Young, 990 Nilson Road, $1.

Scott A. Strouse and Pamela C. Strouse to Eli W. Halterman and Elizabeth E. Halterman, 286 Deitrich Road, $250,000.