Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: July 6-10, 2015

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from July 6 through July 10, 2015 in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Heather E. Simmons and James Parker to Brian E. Burnham, 360 Reynolds Ave., $117,800.

Andrew D. Bigley and Dawn Marie Bigley, formerly known as Dawn M. Harrison, to Andrew D. Bigley and Dawn Marie Bigley, 360 Pine St., $1.

Daniel J. Blevins and Erika L. Blevins to Timothy S. Deibler and Bobbie L. Deibler, 240 N. Allegheny St., $1.

Benner Township

William S. Poletti and Clair M. Poletti to Chelsea A. Igo, 654 Valentine Hill Road, $169,000.

Laura J. Moore to Lori A. Walker, 648 Valentine Hill Road, $167,900.

Anthony R. Rosselli to Reham A. Aly and Yasser M. Ghoname, 143 Cambridge Lane, $167,000.

Mark P. Spearly and Joni T. Spearly to John A. Spearly Jr. and David L. Spearly, 523 Seibert Road, $1.

Alvin R. Hall Jr. and Walter E. Browne Jr to James G. McKelvey, 204 Meadow Flower Circle, $259,000.

Centre Hall Borough

Roanld Stover and Dorothy Stover to Kenneth F. Kodadek, 121 Patricia Ave., $202,500.

College Township

Songqi Liu to Nargis Mallick, 100 Jefferson Ave., $202,500.

Charles Noel to Tina K. Allik and Scott M. Camazine, 305 Village Heights Drive, $118,000.

Shirley C. Rader to Rossman Construction LLC, 132 Lowder St., $242,400.

Jason C. Godinez and Christy L. Shaw, now known as Christy L. Shaw-Godinez, to Gregory Basting and Kellie Basting, 110 Quincy Ave., $189,000.

Donald C. Rung and Catherine Lyon Rung to Michael F. Marcon, Angela K. Marcon and Virginia M. Marcon, 2487 Buchenhorst Road, $198,000.

Thomas J. Farrell and Karen M. Farrell to Benjamin Loewen and Jennifer Leedy, 185 Birchtree Court, $178,000.

James E. Hoke, William E. Hoke, Nancy E. Walk and Thomas E. Hoke to Jeffrey B. Hoke, 142 October Drive, $132,000.

Julia M. Miller to Franklin Gomez Matos, 2658 Penbrook Lane, $174,000.

Irwin Family Revocable Trust and Jack L. Irwin to Ryan J. Gruhn, 401 W. Whitehall Road, $60,000.

Ferguson Township

Dorlin W. Hay and Norma B. Hay to Lien Tran, Hoa Vu and Hong Vu, 192 S. Water St., $250,000.

Thomas Fitzpatrick and Debra Fitzpatrick to John Radan III and Kasey M. Rhoa, 644 Berkshire Drive, $252,000.

Wilma J. Ewing to Thomas C. Wareham and Michelle L. Miller, 155 E. Chestnut St., $42,500.

Timothy V. Franklin and Nancy E. Franklin to Thomas Serensits and Tamela Serensits, 1338 Deerfield Drive, $459,00.

Shawn J. Neidig to Deanne L. Swanson, 1942 Harvest Circle, $215,000.

Ernest M. Harpster and Dora L. Harpster to Harpster Family Trust, Ernest M. Harpster and Dora L. Harpster, 1565 W. Gatesburg Road, $1.

Yonghui Weng and Wei Li to John C. Tortorice and Rebecca L. Burns, 1839 Red Lion Drive, $320,000.

Christina J. Vandepol to Thomas J. McDermott, 1958 Harvest Circle, $200,000.

Paul R. Amato and Debra Lu Kaiser to Sheridan W. Miyamoto and Mark A. Miyamoto, 684 Crandall Drive, $365,000.

Stephen P. Maynor to Jing Du and Xiaozhong Xu, 2318 Setter Run Lane, $430,000.

Berks Homes LLC to Eric R. Hayot, 150 Rushcliffe St., $374,600.98.

S & A Homes Inc. to Alvin R. Hall Jr. and Walter E. Browne Jr., 134 Red Willow Road, $309,900.

Gregg Township

John E. Katunich and Laura A. Katunich to Laura A. Katunich, 158 Long St., $1.

Christina M. Welch and Steven Welch to Jeffrey Frederick, 640 Green Grove Road, $355,000.

Halfmoon Township

Matthew K. Toronto and Jordan R. Toronto to Nathan K. Leopard and Jennifer B. Grossman-Leopard, 13 Harness Downs Road, $324,700.

Anthony G. Huckabee and Tina M. Huckabee to Brandon M. Brooks and Marie C. Brooks, 130 Hemlock Drive, $167,500.

Michael L. Telarico and Joni M. Telarico to National Residential Nominee Services, 63 Macintoch Court, $311,000.

National Residential Nominee Services to Joseph S. Senky, 63 Macintoch Court, $311,000.

Harris Township

John R. Wolfe and Margaret L. Wolfe to Max D. Spiegel and Cynthia R. Clem, 118 E. Crestview Ave., $189,900.

Sara Jane Confer, also known as S. Jane Confer, also known as Sarah Jane Confer, to Glenna Malcolm and John Franklin Egan, 150 Pine Tree Ave., $219,000.

Daniel James Raffetto and Alyssa Joan Raffetto to Koleman M. Dudek and Nicole K. Dudek, 1110 Boalsburg Pike, $184,000.

TOA PA IV LP to Bruce W. Valoris and Merita A. Valoris, 285 Beacon Circle, $452,099.48.

Karen A. Seprish to Duane A. Green II, 331 Kimport Ave., $187,500.

John A. Bove Jr. and Anna E. Bove to Darren John Wagner and Heather Barnes Wagner, 603 Lynwood Drive, $439,900.

Howard Township

Heather J. Penland, Heather J. Walker and Toby J. Walker to Jeffrey D. Hotchkiss and Daina D. Beckstrand, 855 Howard Divide Road, $139,900.

Liberty Township

Robert L. Weaver and Jennifer A. Weaver to Lee D. Locke, 379 N. Beach St., $215,000.

Marion Township

Nancy L. Stover to Valerie Stover Anderson, property located along Jacksonville Road, $1.

Robert E. Stover Estate and Valerie Stover Anderson to Valerie Stover Anderson, property located along Jacksonville Road, $1.

Miles Township

Jacob B. Lapp to Aaron Z. Esh and Katie L. Esh, 239 Shaffertown Road, $245,000.

Millheim Borough

Donald C. Hampton and Tanya Rissmiller to Buddy L. Cowher and Beth A. Cowher, 204 Gramley Ave., $265,000.

Georgiana Cole, now known as Georgiana Cole-Archer, to Timothy Archer and Georgiana Cole-Archer, 144 E. Main St., $1.

Patton Township

Steven M. Albright and Wendy S. Albright to David Pecht and Randall Haubert, property located along Scotia Road, $35,000.

DMP Northern Tier LP to John Vanden Heuvel and Dawn Vanden Heuvel, 118 Briar Court, $99,000.

Michael M. Dangelo and Jennifer L. Dangelo to Robin A. Panlilio, 609 Severn Drive, $339,000.

David D. Lingle to Paul J. Beauchemin, 123 Cherry Tree Lane, $465,000.

Breffni M. Noone and James McSweeney to Derek A. Kreager and Claudia L. Prieto, 414 Candlewood Drive, $361,000.

Philipsburg Borough

Chalmer D. Dixon and Helen E. Dixon to Bethany S. Irwin, 130 Windsor St., $189,500.

U S Bank to AMG Rentals LLC, 115 N. Sixth St., $12,500.

Bank of America to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development, 115 N. Centre St., $1.

Wells Fargo Bank to Charles Horning III and Lyndsi Stevens, 422 E. Pine St., $15,000.

Potter Township

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Donna Homan, 119 Wynwood Drive, $145,000.

Rush Township

Koren Family Trust, Lawrence M. Koren and Susan J. Vigne to Lawrence M. Koren and Ronald J. Koren, 605 Mallard Road, $1.

Thomas E. Yarger, Debra Yarger, Elwood A. Yarger and Linda B. Yarger to Yarger Trust, 389 Mallard Road, $1.

Richard J. Jones and Deborah A. Jones to Shawn P. Minerich and Beverly A. Minerich, 1898 Port Matilda Highway, $180,000.

Snow Shoe Borough

Carol R. Nastase to Joshua Nastase, property located along Fifth Street, $1.

Snow Shoe Township

Stephen E. Caldana to Stephen E. Caldana and Kathy J. Caldana, 970 E. Sycamore Road, $1.

Spring Township

Michael T. Ipekdjian and Mark Harpster to Phillip J. Pipta and Karen M. Pipta, 104 Gwenedd Court, $234,900.

Christopher J. Walter and Jennifer L. Walter to Kenneth E. Friedhoff and Melinda L. Friedhoff, 137 S. Main St., $164,500.

Jay G. Witmer Jr., Tiffany E. Witmer and Victoria L. Boone to Jay G. Witmer Jr. and Tiffany E. Witmer, 114 Bending Oak Drive, $1.

State College Borough

Vivian H. Baumer to Paul R. Lang and Carol L. Lang, 117 E. Doris Ave., $206,750.

Frederick J. Carson and Marlene F. Carson to C. Wayne Company LP, 525 S. Pugh St., $270,000.

Frederick J. Carson, Marlene F. Carson, Beverly C. Daniels and James F. Daniels to C. Wayne Company LP, 519 S. Pugh St., $320,000.

Daode Xu and Yue Hua Gai to Lihong Huang, 915 Southgate Drive, $132,000.

Metropolitan of State College LP to Metropolitan at State College LLC, 400 W. College Ave., $1.

Amar S. Bhalla to Edward W. Leclear and Stephanie J. Perles, 634 W. Nittany Ave., $333,500.

Mastros 777 LLC to CWMID LLC, 310 S. Allen St., $229,533.39.

Chu Lee Lai and Kung Yao Lai to Joel M. Abramson, 219 E. Waring Ave., $270,000.

Walker Township

James T. Quici and Evelyn F. Quici to Douglas Duane Doherty, 652 Nittany Valley Drive, $155,400.

Lori A. Walker to Richard S. Hoffman and Cathy N. Hoffman, 123 McNichol Lane, $218,000.