Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: July 20-24, 2015

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from July 20 through July 24, 2015 in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Wanda Parnay to Jeremy Gastiger, 212 Shoemaker Ave., $138,900.

Walter Moody and Gretchen Moody to Jennifer E. Amentler, 1292 Parkwood Drive, $188,000.

Benner Township

Sue Frances Tressler Estate; Richard E. Tressler Estate; Kristin Louise Tressler, formerly known as Kristin T. Reagle; Jennifer T. Hendrickson; Laura T. Sweeney; Dorothy A. Muccilli; Alexander C. Muccilli; Allison E. Muccilli, formerly known as Allison E. Cofone; Sally A. Wade; Jonathan L. Wade; Benjamin C. Wade; Morgan P. Wade; Peggie J. Hatton; James T. Hatton; Reid A. Hatton and Paul K. Hatton to Edwin W. Dunkleberger Jr., property located along Fillmore Road, $300,000.

Tricia A. Miller and Michael J. Lanzone to Patrick Klena, 343 Deer Creek Lane, $150,000.

Gary Shultz and Cinda Shultz to Joseph E. Culley and Judith M. Culley, 422 Meadow Flower Circle, $330,000.

Boggs Township

Dorothy E. Solt Estate and Linda Lou Moore to Linda Lou Moore, Daryl F. Solt II and Nancy C. Watkins, 296 Wallace Run Road, $1.

Beulah M. Brungart to Karen K. Confer and Kevin E. Confer, 110 Confer Lane, $1.

Burnside Township

Bernard A. Thome to Winfield J. Thome, 271 Viehdorfer Road, $1.

College Township

Village at Canterbury LP to J. Lawrence Snavely and Mary Anne Snavely, property located in College Township, $402,222.16.

J. Lawrence Snavely and Mary Anne Snavely to Joshua T. Montler and Danielle L. Montler, 275 Holly Ridge Drive, $948,500.

Charles F. Ritter to Li Yue Liu and Zhang Tian Gui, 113 Quincy Ave., No. 6A, $203,000.

Equity Trust Company and Kenneth Ira Bachman to Kirsten L. Grigor and Christian M. Reite, 175 Fernleaf Court, $1.

Ferguson Township

Circleville Road Partners C LP to Berks Homes LLC, 133 Rushcliffe St., $23,100.

Circleville Road Partners C LP to Berks Homes LLC, 135 Rushcliffe St., $23,100.

Virginia B. Kocher to John D. Hajduk and Ashley E. Hajduk, 130 Thornridge Drive, $90,000.

William W. Weaver Revocable Living Trust, William W. Weaver II and Robert D. Weaver to Donald Charles Kraft and Marie Ann Kraft, 2238 Quail Run Road, $309,000.

Gregory Herman and Jennifer L. Herman to American International Relocation Solutions, 2312 Falconpointe Drive, $305,000.

American International Relocation Solutions to Omari Y. Patterson and Ashley N. Patterson, 2312 Falconpointe Drive, $305,000.

William L. Butler and Jean S. Giddings to Robert B. Hopkins and Mary E. Hopkins, 1974 Harvest Circle, $234,000.

Felisa Preciado-Walters to Greg M. Campbell and Jennifer J. Campbell, 2072 Chelsea Lane, $218,500.

Karen E. Burd, Diane S. Hartman, Donald E. Stine Jr. and Valerie J. Truax to Donald E. Stine Jr., Ann D. Stine and Donald E. Stine III, 1862 Marengo Road, $30,000.

William T. Ayoub and Norma S. Ayoub to Ross Franks and Elizabeth Franks, 2398 Nantucket Circle, $584,000.

Richard L. Fye Estate, E. Ray Fye and Joseph Fye to Joseph D. Fye and Caroline L. Fye, 694 Deibler Road, $1.

Richard L. Fye Estate, E. Ray Fye and Joseph Fye to E. Ray Fye, property located along Tadpole Road, $1.

Richard L. Fye Estate, E. Ray Fye and Joseph Fye to E. Ray Fye, property located along Tadpole Road, $1.

Donald E. Bettleyon and Judith M. Bettleyon to Donald Edward Bettleyon Irrevocable Trust, Judith Mae Bettleyon Irrevocable Trust, Lauri Bettleyon Sauers and Karen E. Bettleyon, 113 W. Aaron Drive, $1.

Gregg Township

Larry E. Strickler and William F. Woock III to Larry E. Strickler and William F. Woock III, property located along Lower Georges Valley Road, $1.

Larry E. Strickler and William F. Woock III to Larry E. Strickler and William F. Woock III, property located along Lower Georges Valley Road, $1.

Larry E. Strickler and William F. Woock III to Larry E. Strickler and William F. Woock III, 884 Lower Georges Valley Road, $1.

Daniel K. Schleiden to Jersey Shore State Bank, 118 Water St., $12,855.35.

Donald P. Wright and Shawn M. Henfling, 115 Bilmar Lane, $297,000.

Halfmoon Township

Donald W. Barger and Lucia F. Barger to David T. Gerber and Jeanie L. Gerber, property located along Stonerow Lane, $140,000.

Martin A. Mondock and Tara L. Mondock to James B. Hopkins and Elizabeth J. Hopkins, 47 Macintosh Court, $338,000.

Lawrence A. Fennessey and Heather E. Fennessey to Donna McGraw, also known as Donna Jean McGraw, 107 Dunkirk Drive, $318,000.

Harris Township

Sheila E. Swanger Estate and Stacy L. Snyder to George Ernesto Rodriguez, 104 West Drive, $157,000.

KBBH Partnership to Leslie Graham Corby and Elaine Corby, property located in Harris Township, $210,320.

Huston Township

John G. Mangan Estate and Daniel P. Mangan to Deborah Fisher, 475 Julian Woods Lane, $1.

George Stathes also known as George G. Stathes Estate, to Citifinancial Servicing LLC, 1470 Railroad Ave., $4,292.09.

Marion Township

Lori A. Shope to Marvin E. Weaver and Tammy Weaver, 820 Sand Ridge Road, $195,000.

Vitaly A. Maslov and Zhanna V. Maslov to Juniata Valley Bank, 146 Grove Lane, $16,882.65.

Millheim Borough

Randall L. Seely to Randall L. Seely, 112 Frazier St., $1.

Patton Township

Dennis J. Gibbons and Judith A. Gibbons to John J. Kane and Lou Ann W. Kane, 145 Honors Lane, $310,000.

Matthew Scott Goguen to Danielle V. Betz and Steven V. Betz, 436 Sylvan Drive, $220,000.

Patrick J. Tunno and Bianca Barr to Darren J. McCauley, 436 Amblewood Way, $155,000.

Edward P. Kaiserian and Carol A. Kaiserian to Thomas William Shaw and Carol Ann Rogers-Shaw, $219,000.

Mary K. Mierley Estate, Jennifer Dalessio and David L. Mierley to Jon R. Grove, 2077 Mary Ellen Lane, $150,000.

Anne M. Meade Estate and Thomas D. Meade to Thomas D. Meade, Patrick Meade and Anne Marie Meade Residuary Trust, 158 Beaumanor Road, $1.

Copper Beech Townhome Communities Eighteen LLC to Robert E. Jeziorski and Beth A. Jeziorski, 696 Oakwood Ave., Unit B, $270,000.

Philipsburg Borough

Richard J. Williams, Patricia A. Williams, formerly known as Patricia Bonanno, and Angela Bonanno to Richard J. Williams and Patricia A. Williams, 310 N. Tenth St., $1.

Charles D. Johnson and Dorothy E. Johnson to Louis Cordivari Jr. Testamentary Trust, Nancy Knapp and Aurora Romano Cordivari, 714 Pauline St., $169,900.

Robert D. Saupp and Xiaorong Liu to Bethanna Edmiston and William D. Edmiston, 208 Warwick St., $77,000.

Potter Township

Ronald Grove and Donald A. Grove to Ronald Grove and Donald A. Grove, property located along Upper Georges Valley Road, $1.

Scott M. Bitner to Patrick J. Drummond and Corinne E. Drummond, 116 Dennis Alan Circle, $390,000.

Rush Township

Brian S. Kephart to M&T Bank, 307 Walker St., $3,911.46.

Robert M. Refalsky and Diane D. Refalsky to Cathy Ann Mille, 989 Tyrone Pike, $74,500.

Mandy L. Varner, also known as Mandy L. Tipton, to JP Morgan Chase Bank, 599 Tyrone Pike, $6,441.50.

Snow Shoe Township

Michael A. Moore to Kurt L. McKinney Jr. and Bridget M. McKinney, 114 Summit Road, $16,000.

Marsha L. Rapp to Gary E. Andrus and Nancy P. Andrus, 109 Summit Road, $65,000.

Spring Township

Donald L. Smeltzer and Amy C. Smeltzer to Christopher J. Komlenic and Melanie E. Komlenic, 114 Leslie Circle, $246,400.

Darria Jon Dixon to Amanda L. Quinn, 112 Tamara Circle, $142,000.

John J. Schuster and Nina L. Schuster to J. Barry Johnson Jr. and Amy L. Johnson, 205 Yorkshire Lane, $390,000.

Glenn M. Moyer and Lois J. Moyer to John J. Schuster and Nina L. Schuster, 103 Rosewood Cove, $205,000.

Polymer Instrumentation and Consulting to Dan Galvan, 130 Rosehill Drive, $259,900.

State College Borough

Benedictine Society and St. Vincent Archabby to Christopher B. Jones and Shannon M. Jones, 531 W. Fairmont Ave., $500,000.

Kevin M. Grange and Janelle B. Grange to Brian Daniel Scofield, 787 W. Hamilton Ave., $250,000.

Charlene F. Morett, now known as Charlene F. Curtiss, to Charlene F. Curtiss and Douglas M. Curtiss, 525 McKee St., $10.

Taylor Township

Ronald P. Conrad Sr. and Linda V. Conrad to F. Joseph Sklenar and Denise L. Sklenar, 3358 S. Mountain Road, $135,000.

Rheta S. Parker, Gerald B. Parker, Gerald B. Parker Jr. and Rondalyn Kim Young to Rheta S. Parker, Gerald B. Parker Jr. and Gerald B. Parker III, 164 Tuskovich Lane, $1.

Union Township

George A. Flick to George A. Flick and Cathleen D. Flick, property located along Dix Run Road, $1.

Walker Township

Dora Mae Moyer to Trey W. Miller and Devan R. Bechtol, 434 Forest Ave., $157,000.

Larry E. Kimble to Larry E. Kimble and Larry E. Kimble Revocable Trust, property located along Forest Ave., $1.