Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: April 4 - April 8, 2016

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from April 4, 2016, through April 8, 2016, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Jeffrey C. Webster and Cynthia A. Webster to Christian R. Collins and Teresa F. Collins, 161 Elm St., $230,000.

William C. Smith and Anna M. Persson to Andrea Choperen Guerra, 137 S. Thomas St., $125,000.

Benner Township

Amana L. Gravine and Frank T. Gravine II to Matthew L. Roan and Rebecca K. Roan, 338 Aster Ave., $360,000.

Davann D. Gordon to Robin Lynn Sidwell, on Purdue Mountain Road, $20,000.

Robin Lynn Sidwell to Robin Lynn Sidwell, on Purdue Mountain Road, $1.

Thomas D. Simco and Betty M. Simco to Simco Joint Revocable Trust, Thoams D. Simco and Betty M. Simco, 125 Salix Drive, $1.

Boggs Township

Wayne A. Witherite II to Wayne A. Witherite II and Hope A. Witherite, on Fye Road, $1.

Centre Hall Borough

Scott Carts to Ty L. Carts, 147 E. Church St., $1.

College Township

Randall A. Bachman and Lynor C. Bachman to Equity Trust Co., 210 Holly Ridge Drive.

William E. Strayer and Denise M. Strayer to William E. Strayer, 143 Clover Road, $1.

John O. Chernega and Jorna S. Arocena to John O. Chernega, 740 Elmwood St., $1.

Green Hotel Associates to Green Hotel Associates, 1221 E. College Ave., $1.

Debra A. Fitzpatrick to Erina L. MacGeorge, 116 Hunter Ave., $434,000.

Norman C. Deno and Janet L. Deno to Ethan Wendle and Kristen Wendle, on Puddintown Road, $210,000.

Joan E. Dills Estate and Ronald E. Dills to Ronald E. Dills, 720 Trout Road, $1.

Paula M. Mulhall to William A. Gregory and Dawn M. Gregory, 121 Peach Court, $311,000.

C. Bruce Struble and Lori J. Struble to Jason M. Richard and Jaime L. Miller, 1000 Cortland Drive, $280,000.

Old Island Hotels Inc. and Island City House to Dorsey I. Houtz and Beverly E. Houtz, 3293 Penns Valley Pike, $1,300,000.

Ferguson Township

Brian J. McCullough and Debbie N. Goldberg a/k/a Debbie N. McCullough to Henrique Roscoe De Oliveira and Yama Garajau De Castilho, 109 Cherry Ridge Road, $320,000.

Misti R. Smith to Brandin L. Claar, 1001 Golfview Ave., $11,250.

Steve Gordon and Copper Beech Townhome Communities Six to Copper Beech Townhome Communities Six and Steve Gordon, 130 F Farmstead Lane.

Steve Gordon and Copper Beech Townhomes Communities II LLC to Copper Beech Townhomes Communities II LLC and Steve Gordon, 1003 W. Aaron Drive.

Steve Gordon and Copper Beech Townhomes LCC to Copper Beech Townhomes LLC and Steve Gordon, 1003 W. Aaron Drive.

Marion E. Barger Estate, Leonard E. Barger and Wendell L. Barger to Daniel E. Williams and Kelsey M. Williams, 2348 Quail Run Road, $210,000.

Eric J. Vorwald and Meagan E. Tuttle to Hoda S. El Shakry, 1360 Harris St., $235,000.

David M. Jenkins Jr. and Staci Sunshine Jenkins to Seth A. Senior and Staci M. Tambourine, 1412 Curtin St., $237,000.

S&A Homes Inc., Robert E. Poole, Don E. Haubert by Attorney, Thomas F. Songer by Attorney and WPSH Associates to Ferguson Township, property located in Ferguson Township, $1.

Katherine J. Gates-Moore and Paul A. Moore to Katherine J. Gates-Moore, 650 Breezewood Drive, $1.

Seongtae Kwon and Jiin Chung to Lasse Jensen and Linlin Jensen, 1263 Northampton St., $495,000.

Gregg Township

Spook Hollow Gun Club to Spook Hollow Inc., 390 Brush Mountain Road, $1.

Halfmoon Township

Brock Brown and Briana Brown to Brandon L. Koppenhaver and Nicolle M. Koppenhaver, 72 Sky Harbor Drive, $346,000.

Steve Durante and Lori Durante to Eric Durante, Caitlin Durante and Sara Durante, 534 Lutz Lane, $1.

John J. Kalmbach and Cheryl A. Kalmbach to John J. Kalmbach, 135 Ira Lane, $1.

John J. Kalmbach and Cheryl A. Kalmbach to John J. Kalmbach, 135 Ira Lane, $1.

Harris Township

KBBH Partnership to Paula M. Mulhall, property located in Harris Township, $234,744.

Rockey Ridge Partnership to Alexander Stuart Rattner and Beth Fruma Kochin, 132 Derek Drive, $495,000.

Robert M. Hall and Jane D. Hall to David J. Evenson and Erica L. Zong-Evenson, 221 Mount Pleasant Drive, $820,000.

Marion Township

Lion Country Builders Inc. to David W. Catherman and Sue E. Catherman, on Farmdale Road, $22,500.

Adam J. Byler Jr. and Sara A. Byler to Jacob P. Esh, 950 Hubler Ridge Road, $200,000.

Daniel S. Glick and Emma F. Glick to Adam J. Byler Jr. and Sara A. Byler, 940 Sand Ridge Road, $585,000.

Milesburg Borough

Raymond M. Eger by Sheriff and Shellie L. Eger by Sheriff to Lock Haven Area Federal Credit Union, 207 Water St., $4,469.26.

Millheim Borough

Ruth A. Wance to Trevor A. Benner and Kara J. Benner, 201 Cherry St., $177,500.

Patton Township

Michael W. Bortiatynski and Jacqueline M. Bortiatynski to Frank J. Hamlett and Barbara A. Hamlett, property located in Patton Township, $425,000.

William Gerin to David F. McKee and Jacqueline B. McKee, 2631 Acacia Drive, $410,000.

Steve Gordon and Copper Beech Townhome Communities Nine to Copper Beech Townhome Communities Nine and Steve Gordon, on Park Forest Avenue.

Gregory M. Roszyk and Marnie R. Salisbury to Andrew J. Sapol and Maria K. Sapol, 115 Alma Mater Drive Unit 204, $222,000.

Steve Gordon and Copper Beech Townhome Communities One to Copper Beech Townhome Communities One and Steve Gordon, 415 Oakwood Ave.

Lisa P. Nelson to Steven G. Kitchen and Sandra L. Kitchen, 2553 Carnegie Drive, $168,000.

Christina G. Orr a/k/a Christina G. Tolliver to Marco A. Arismendi and Ines K. Arismendi, 158 McKivison Court, $232,000.

Debora A. McKivison and Debora M. James to Stephen K. Albrecht and Diana T. Albrecht, 337 Oakwood Ave., $169,000.

Matthew W. Knouse and Aja Knouse to Feng Sun and Xiao Liu, 827 Galen Drive, $171,000.

Ernest Romanini Jr. a/k/a Ernest Romanini to Jared G. Ali and Sara L. Ali, 100 Skytop Lane, $430,000.

Penn Township

John F. Borders and Ruby B. Borders to John F. Borders, 126 House Lane, $1.

Philipsburg Borough

Discovery Investments LLC to Mountain Peak Properties LLC, 310 N. Centre St., $140,000.

Bryan G. Williams by Sheriff, Glenn L Williams by Sheriff and L. Glenn Williams by Sheriff to LSF8 Master Participation Trust, 208 Sheffield St., $10,000.

Rush Township

Robert A. Reese and Rebecca L. Reese to Rachelle A. Thompson, 114 Loch Lomond Road, $1.

Maria-Teresa Sy Haleviera and Phillip Keith Haleviera to Chrstine A. Dearmitt, 488 State St., $69,900.

Snow Shoe Township

Duane L. Gardner to Christine F. Dolan and Tracy A. Gardner, 198 S. Ford Road, $1.

Piyoung Euler to James Alvin Gunsallus and Bonnie Noreen Gunsallus, 2154 Mountainview Ave., $1.

Spring Township

William M. Kellander to Nathan R. Ulmer and Christina M. Ulmer, 148 Musser Lane, $194,000.

Emilie R. Gorzoch and Bradley Phillips to Jeremy L. Hopkins and Holly M. Hopkins, 229 E. College Ave., $157,900.

State College Borough

Christian R. Collins to Eric C. Huffier and Ester C. Huffier, 1137 Oneida St. $121,000.

Towneview Joint Venture LLC and Townview Joint Venture to Towneview Joint Venture LLC, 200 Bradley Ave., $1.

Lofts Joint Venture LLC and Lofts Joint Venture to Lofts Joint Venture LLC, 728 Bellaire Road, $1.

Richard L. Culver and Lyn K. Culver to Gregory T. Hayes and Meghan Flannery Hayes, 915 Robin Road, $628,000.

Walker Township

Tammy K. Andrus and Glen A. Andrus Sr. to Shannon L. Webb and Kymberly R. Sherry, 4423 Nittany Valley Drive, $144,500.

Adam N. Evancho and Tonya D. Gingras a/k/a Tonya D. Shine to Tonya D. Shine, on Two Mile Road, $1.

Robert E. Snyder to Robert E. Snyder and Sandra Joan Snyder, 4046 Nittany Valley Drive, $1.