Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: July 18 - July 22, 2016

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from July 18, 2016, through July 22, 2016, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Dorothy B. Shaeffer Estate a/k/a Dorothy B. Sheaffer Estate and Jane S. Gardner to Jane S. Gardner, 948 Woodland Drive, $153,000.

Glenn E. Irwin and Donna S. Irwin to Jeffrey L. Burris and Geneen R. Burris, 1324 Joanna Drive, $292,000.

Margaret A. Crust to Dennis B. Stamm Jr. and Loren E. Stamm, 212 E. Howard St., $106,000.

John W. Zeleznick and Marjorie R. Zeleznick to Brandon M. Gibboney and Dana M. Pagnotto, 515 Ripka Lane, $168,750.

James H. Mortensen and Sharon K. Mortensen to Timothy S. Deibler and Bobbie L. Deibler, 119 N. Potter St., $270,100.

Benner Township

John Harrison Frantz to Gregory A. Thomas and Jan L. Thomas, 851 Seibert Road, $237,500.

Timothy J. Quigley and Marian R. Welch-Quigley to Robert J. Schneller Jr. and Rebecca C. Schneller, 401 Milligate Road, $279,900.

Pilar Beltran to John C. Decker and Corazon T. Decker, 660 Rock Road, $194,000.

Dennis L. Fetters Jr. and Gwendolyn P. Fetters to Dennis L. Fetters Jr., property located on Spring Creek Road, $1.

Boggs Township

Gary Coakley a/k/a Gary Steven Coakley to Commonwealth of PA Department of Transportation, property located in Boggs Township, $1.

Centre Hall Borough

Mitchell A. Wasson a/k/a Mitchell Wasson to Mitchell A. Wasson and Mary Abigail Smith, 212 Pine Alley, $1.

Sandra D. Balboni and Scott P. Balboni to Eric Kusher and Jessica L. Kusher, 130 Third St., $285,000.

College Township

Chang Family Living Trust, Zung-Ping Chang, and Renli Chang to Andrew H. Chang, 1280 Haymaker Road, $1.

Thomas E. Manganello and Briana L. Manganello to Brian J. Amos and Kelly J. Amos, 206 Creekside Drive, $220,000.

Rose M. Baker to Ami D. Ranker-Ingold and Shawn M. Ingold, 280 Oak Lane, $465,000.

Village at Canterbury LP to Todd D. Webber, 517 Brandywine Drive, $350,000.

Curtin Township

Sharon R. Perryman to Chad Perryman, 2176 Little Marsh Creek Road, $140,000.

Ferguson Township

Bradley J. Mitchell and Julia V. Mitchell to Nan Zhu and Yaxian Li, 2392 Pine Hurst Drive, $580,000.

S&A Homes Inc. to Michael J. Aparicio and Elyzza M. Aparicio, 161 Red Willow Road, $352,240.

Maria T. Rhodes, Daniel E. Rhodes and Patricia A. Rhodes to Christopher Houck and Patricia Higgins, 137 S. Water St., $128,000.

Bradley R. Woods and Jaime Woods to Sherri Rose and Mark Rose, 1291 Tadpole Road, $237,465.

Kristin A. Buss-Bakken and Erik E. Bakken to Erik E. Bakken, 1324 W. Park Hills Ave., $1.

Walter Lynn Patton to Justin E Clouser and Margaret E Clouser, 1518 Cromer Drive, $218,000.

Wen Cheng and Tianyou Zhang to Kristin A. Buss Bakken, 2422 Autumnwood Drive, $321,000.

Mark J. McClain and Bernadette M. McClain to Jeffrey R. Elias, 761 Teal Lane, $259,500.

Andrew H. Chang to Zung-Ping Chang and Renli Chang, 680 Tanager Drive, $1.

Haines Township

Romayne K. Long to Romayne G. Emel and Renee K. Emel McNeil, 141 Water Gap Road, $1.

Ronald Ream to Brett W. Zimmerman and Heather A. Zimmerman, property located on West Henry Street Extension, $10,000.

LSF8 Master Participation Trust to Derek G. Hart, 343 W. Plum St., $69,000.

Halfmoon Township

Kathleen M. Petach to Keith Adams Investments LLC, 200 Shanelly Drive, $275,000.

Robert L. Campbell and April M. Campbell to Ronald J. Macalus and Mary S. Macalus, 38 Darrich Court, $359,900.

John Pfau and Roberta F. Pfau to James M. Lebreton, 31 Stonerow Lane, $289,900.

Harris Township

KBBH Partnership to William F. Forrester, 182 Kestrel Lane, $213,690.

Howard Township

Joshua First and Vivian M. First to Pennsylvania Game Commission, North Eagle Valley Road, $325,000.

Patton Township

Robert A. Franz Estate a/k/a Rob Franz Estate and Mary A. Daniloff to Mary A. Daniloff, 226 Amblewood Way, $1.

Steven R. Rossman and Laura A. Rossman to Wesley J. Peck and Jennifer M. Peck, 310 Strouse Ave., $190,000.

Julia M. Metzger and Samuel L. Bufford to Linda McGill and Charles McGill, 169 Sandy Ridge Road, $545,000.

Ryan F. Cummins to Andrew R. Carl, 413 Sylvan Drive, $230,000.

Marquis Estate Development LLC to Zachary Papalia and Katelyn Papalia, 103 Seymore Ave., $225,000.

Pinnacle Development LLC to Judith F. Speedy and William F. Speedy, 139 Presidents Drive, $1.

Ronald J. MaCalus and Mary S. MaCalus to Ryan Cummins and Chelsea Cummins, 159 Barrens Court, $350,000.

Michael A. Marusa and Christie L. Marusa to Living Spring Management LLC, 618D Oakwood Ave., $250,000.

Asif Khatri to Michael W. Bortiatynski and Jacqueline M. Bortiatynski, 253 Bolten Ave., $64,000.

Penn Township

Jody L. Yearick to Michael Wenrick and Angela Osborn, 119 Klinger Lane, $305,000.

Potter Township

T. Craig Weidensaul and Martha R. Weidensaul to Brian Allen Cain and Suzette J. Cain, 249 Geary Road, $160,000.

Valley Business Associates LP, Salvatore L. Nicosia Jr. and Pauline R. Nicosia to Valley Wide Custom Homes LLC, property located on Pepper Ridge Drive, $59,000.

Rush Township

Betty Jo Harlow to Betty Jo Harlow, 3930 Tyrone Pike, $1.

Stanley Demchak a/k/a Stanley R. Demchak, Jody K. Demchak, Thomas Demchak a/k/a Thomas E. Demchak and Rhonda R. Demchak to Nicole M. Smeal, 626 Loch Lomond Road, $55,000.

Spring Township

JFDC Land Acquisition LLC to Andrew W. Breon and Alyssa B. Breon, 206 Jonathan Lane, $181,383.

JFDC Land Acquisition LLC to Robert Daniel Stupar, 208 Jonathan Lane, $189,900.

Richard E. Punshon Estate, Justin Punshon and Chris Punshon to Esli N. Feliz and Katie M. Feliz, 169 Noll St., $85,500.

John L. Keeler and Jean K. Keeler to Russell M. McCoy and Penny J. McCoy, 405 Musser Lane, $184,900.

Vincent J. Delricco to Jesse M. Carl and Sheila E. Carl, 149 Rosehill Drive, $275,000.

State College Borough

Dean L. Haas, Karen L. Haas, Heather L. H. West, and Sarah S.L. Haas to Daney G. Jackson, Wendy L. Gilpin and Colton D. Gilpin, 820 N. Atherton St., $250,000.

Redevelopment Authority of State College Borough to Colleen McCracken, 222 W. Prospect Ave., $224,000.

Russell J. Gutch Jr. and Barbara Ann Gutch to Susan M. Alters and Bradley D. Alters, 333 S. Allen St., $156,000.

Farhad Kialashaki by Agent and Zahra R. Hajee by Agent to Second State Rental Properties LLC, 1606 Blue Course Drive, $154,900.

Robert C.S. Downs and Barbara L. Downs to Ronald S. Prough and Claire M. Prough, 764 W. Hamilton Ave., $416,500.

Walker Township

First Line Development Two Inc. and S&A Homes Inc. to Richard W. Swanger Jr. and Carrie J. Swanger, 111 Trophy Way, $258,449.

Matthew K. Ross, Jennifer F. Ross, Genevieve M. Yarnell Estate and Darlene K. Smith to Robert L. Markle Jr., 357 Nittany Valley Drive, $165,000.

First Line Development Two Inc. and S&A Homes Inc. to Timothy B. Graham and Melissa J. Graham, 141 Archers Glen Road, $282,567.

Worth Township

Kimberly M. Craig f/k/a Kimberly M. Halowich and Troy J. Craig to Will O. Bracken, Property Located on Flat Rock Road, $143,000.