Penn State students explain their vote


A line of about 300 students extended out of the main doors of Penn State’s HUB-Robeson Center when one walked by in a Donald Trump mask.

Of the five precincts, the 24th and 27th had the longest lines. Charles Martin, of Julian, stood about 20 feet from the back of the line “ as a show of support for Gary Johnson.”

Trump or Hillary Clinton will likely be the next president, but Martin wanted to remind voters that Johnson is “still an option for people who are disgusted by the major candidates.”

Nick Karafilis, a poll worker and sophomore at Penn State, estimated that votes at the HUB precincts were “well into the few thousands. It’s been a very steady flow all day; it’s running very smoothly.”

Krishnal Zaver, a freshman from Harrisburg, is voting for Hillary Clinton “because there is a giant list of reasons why — she is a lot more experienced for one.”

Sean Lomando and Regis Maher, both freshmen, waited together in line to vote for Trump. Sean Sacchetti, a freshman, said he will also be voting for Trump.

“I don’t think he will be a great leader,” Sacchetti said, “but he is the lesser of two evils.”

“Hopefully, the world doesn’t blow up. It could get ugly,” Sacchetti said.