What happened to this hamburger served for school lunch?

A Facebook post has shocked those who have seen it.

Hayley Shilala, who said in the post that she attends Dubois Area High School, published a picture on DuBoisLive.com’s page. It shows, she said, a hamburger that was given to her for lunch. The post of the mystery meat garnered more than 300 comments, most wondering if it was real.

Dubois Area School District superintendent Luke Lansberry confirmed that the hamburger pictured is real, but he believes it’s a case of meat being overcooked. Food services staff, which he said is required to cook burgers at 155 degrees Fairenheit, makes it until the until the internal temperature is 170 degrees.

“We served around 300 burgers yesterday without any issues,” Lansberry said. “Our food services director followed up on this one immediately.”

DASD Food Services Director Thomas Koscienski called the state to report the burger, according to Lansberry, who also said that Kosceinski has decided to refuse the product if it is offered again. The burger was provided by a “government commodity” through Metz Culinary Management.

Lasnberry said it was unfortunate that a photo was posted online instead of the hamburger being returned for a new meal.

“I know our cafeteria staff works extremely hard to do a good job,” Lansberry said. “I know they’re upset. I know our food services director does a really good job, and he’s really bothered that this got attention. It really looks like it just got overcooked and dried up. Pictures aren’t always what they appear to be.”

Lansberry said he did have happier news — the school received a perfect score for its most recent food inspection, which records show was completed in October.