Centre County sheriff warns of scam

The Centre County Sheriff’s Office does not want your iTunes gift cards.

The office is the latest agency to have its name used to scam unsuspecting people in a telephone scam.

On Thursday, the sheriff’s office put out information warning the community, saying they have been receiving “several calls a day” from people being scammed over the phone.

“The individual commonly introduces himself as Lt. Frank Rogers. The scammers are telling victims that there is a warrant for their arrest for failing to appear for jury selection,” according to the sheriff’s office.

While Sheriff Bryan Sampsel and his deputies do serve warrants, they do not do it the way the scammers are.

“Mostly, the phone scammers are requesting cash, MoneyPak and iTunes gift cards to avoid being arrested for failure to appear,” the office said.

Sometimes, they are even going as far as sending victims to Magisterial District Court and asking for personal information or bank account numbers.

Contact the sheriff’s office directly at 814-355-6803, the release advises.