DCNR awards $80,000 grant to ClearWater to help improve water quality

The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources awarded almost $800,000 for 13 grants to plant trees along streams in the commonwealth — one of which went to ClearWater Conservancy.

State Rep. Mike Hanna’s office announced the $80,000 grant Tuesday.

The funding will be used for the construction of about 28 acres of buffers along waterways in the Juniata and Susquehanna watersheds, according to a release from Hanna’s office.

“This funding will provide sustainable income for landowners through what DCNR calls a multifunctional buffer option,” Hanna said in the release. “This is great news for our waterways and for enhancement of fish habitat in our region.”

Forest buffers along stream banks provide barriers between polluting landscapes and receiving waterways, the release said. Streamside tree and shrub plantings filter the runoff of sediments and fertilizers that are applied to lawns and crops, slow stormwater runoff, control erosion, cool stream temperatures and improve fish habitat.


Tim Cole in Centre County (Forest District 5) is available at 643-2340 to assist landowners with information about planting forest buffers.