She is the oldest person in the United States. And she lives in Huntingdon.

The oldest person in the country lives in Huntingdon County, according to Gerontology Research Group.

Delphine Gibson, who is 113 years and 176 days old, was born Aug. 17, 1903. Ila Jones, who lives in Georgia, is the second oldest person in the United States and was born on Aug. 21, 1903.

Gibson was born in South Carolina, according to an online profile of her. She became the oldest person in the country Sunday when Adele Dunlap died at age 114..

It is rare to have someone as young as Gibson be the oldest person, GRG Supercentenarian Research and Database Division Director Robert D. Young told the CDT. He said that in 2014 there were eight people that were at least 114 years old.

Young also made a note that the oldest living American is Marie-Josephine Gaudette, a 114-year old nun who lives in Italy.

Delphine Gibson, according to her profile, married Taylor Gibson in 1928 and had three children — Frank, Moody and Ella. The Gibsons moved to Huntingdon and joined Mount Hope Missionary Baptist Church. Taylor Gibson died in 1980.

Delphine Gibson “credits her longevity to faith in God and her church plays an important role in her daily life. Her son Frank is the only remaining child,” according to her profile.