PennDOT warns of snow squalls and hazardous driving conditions


The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation warned drivers of the potential for snow squalls late Thursday into Friday.

Snow is in the forecast, the CDT previously reported, calling for as much as two to four inches across Central Pennsylvania. PennDOT recommends motorists avoid traveling during winter storms if possible, and any motorists on the road are urged to use caution while driving.

“Sudden and heavy snow squalls are one of the biggest challenges that motorists, including PennDOT plow truck drivers, face during the winter,” a PennDOT news release said. “Motorists need to be alert for sudden squalls that can quickly cause roads to become snow covered.”

Squalls can also cause whiteout conditions that can “greatly restrict or virtually eliminate” visibility, the release said. Drivers are advised to slow down gradually and drive at speeds that suit the conditions, turn on their headlights and increase their following distance.

"Please, please take your time tomorrow morning during commute,” Alpha Fire Company posted on Twitter. “We don't want a repeat of last Friday. Thanks.”