College Township Council approves Transitional Residential Facilities ordinance

Council at its Thursday meeting approved the Transitional Residential Facilities ordinance, 4-1.

Carla Stilson, vice chairwoman, voted against the ordinance.

A public hearing was held before the regular meeting, but council received no comments from the public at that time.

The updated ordinance adds the definitions of “community corrections facility or center,” “correctional facility” and “halfway house/rehabilitation center.”

Community corrections facilities and correctional facilities need a 1,000-foot buffer between them and an existing residential area, place of assembly, park, school or day care center. Halfway houses need a 500-foot buffer.

The resident limits are 40 for a community corrections facility and 15 for a halfway house.

Mark Holdren, Centre Regional Planning Agency senior planner, relayed two comments from the Centre Regional Planning Commission: one about CATA transit route access and the other about sewer service.

The CRPC questioned whether facilities outside the regional growth boundary would have access to sewer service, Holdren said.

The minimum lot size for these types of facilities would provide room for on-site sewer systems, township Manager Adam Brumbaugh said.

Council Chairman Rich Francke emphasized that there is no specific plan to build one of these types of facilities in the township.

The ordinance is just to determine where in the township these types of uses could be located, he said.

Community corrections facilities and correctional facilities can be located in the Rural Residential Zoning District. Halfway houses/rehabilitation centers can be located in Rural Residential, Multifamily Residential or General Commercial zoning districts.

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