New eatery to open, specialize in homegrown burgers

Muddy Creek Burgers will open Saturday at 2658 Earlystown Road.
Muddy Creek Burgers will open Saturday at 2658 Earlystown Road. adrey@centredaily.com

If you cook it, they will come.

If it tastes good, they will come back.

A concession stand is set to open in Potter Township, and it will serve homegrown burgers, hot dogs, french fries and baked goods. Muddy Creek Farms was a concept created by Michael Marquardt, the owner of the eatery and a farmer in Spring Mills.

The stand will open Saturday at 2658 Earlystown Road where there will be a pavilion to eat meals.

“We raised the beef down here on one of our farms,” Marquardt said. “We’ll only be seasonal, from Memorial Day weekend to maybe November, depending on the weather.”

The burgers will not undergo any genetic engineering.

Marquardt said it’ll be a good fit in the area.

“We’ve seen the comments on our Facebook page,” he said. “Some people are tired of all the pizza shops and want a good place to get a good burger. I don’t know what to expect on Saturday, but we’re psyched up for it. It will be a learning experience. ”

The family’s biggest selling farm product, according to Marquardt, is its beef.

“We wanted to take it a step further with non-GMO,” he said “It seems like people really want a good product with no antibiotics or hormones, just good quality beef. I’m focused on serving a good product and keeping prices reasonable. I want people to try these burgers and know where it was raised, because it’s so different than buying it in the store. I hope it works well. We’ll do our best.”

The stand will be open 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, and Marquardt might add up to two more days depending on demand.

He has also heard that some want ice cream.

“We have a simple menu to see what people really want and may add another burger next year,” he said. “A lot of people are requesting ice cream, which we haven’t done yet.”