Snappy’s breaks ground on new location

It won’t be here with a snap of the fingers, but soon enough there will be an eleventh Snappy’s.

Ground broke on construction in early June for a Snappy’s in Milesburg. The newest location will be at 203 Mill St and will open in the fall.

Snappy’s Director of Customer Contact Kristi Heichel said weather will impact the construction time line.

“It’s fairly broad to say we’ll open in the fall, but haven’t had most favorable weather,” she said. “I believe in a month we’ll a better idea of when we’ll open.”

Heichel said that Snappy’s wants to fill a void in the community.

“We have not touched this area in the past and once property was up for sale we saw it as a great opportunity to serve the community,” she said.

The Snappy’s location will be about 3,200 square feet, will employ 25 to 40 people and will have a Snappy’s kitchen with all food cooked on a grill. The new location will also continue Snappy’s loyalty card program and have Snappy’s coffee made with the company’s roasts.

“It’s very encouraging to see positive reactions from the community,” Heichel said. “In addition and more importantly, it shows we are doing the right thing. It has solidified our thoughts that we are moving in the right direction.”