DA Stacy Parks Miller ‘confident’ about disciplinary hearing

CDT photo

Stacy Parks Miller says she is confident in the outcome of her upcoming disciplinary hearing.

The Centre County district attorney had the Nov. 29 hearing set Wednesday on a petition filed by disciplinary counsel in February. The 17 separately listed violations of professional conduct rules stem from two charges, namely that she had ex parte communications with two judges and that she utilized a fictional identity on Facebook to have her office “snoop” on people.

Parks Miller says it will all be sorted out and that she actually elected to have the hearing for the two charges after “at least 12” other issues were resolved.

“There is a whole backstory to the matter but not a matter of public record so I cannot comment on that,” Parks Miller told the Centre Daily Times in an email.

The ex parte communications accusations include a number of difference cases. Parks Miller provided information about the arguments she plans to make at the hearing, including that she was not the perpetrator of ex parte communications but in some cases, was a victim of it.

The arguments also outline problems she sees with recovered partial text messages. The messages, allegedly including ex parte communications with Judge Jonathan Grine and then-judge Brad Lunsford, were recovered by Brian Sprinkle and PATCTech. Parks Miller has filed paperwork to begin a lawsuit against a number of people, including Sprinkle and PATCTech. She says the information was illegally obtained.

She also maintains the Facebook identity “Britney Bella” will be found “legally ethical and necessary for law enforcement” and that she has an expert opinion to back that up.

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