Bellefonte gym plans to relocate in 2018

Elite Edge Athletics will relocate in 2018.
Elite Edge Athletics will relocate in 2018. Photo provided

John Kmiecinski typically pushes his clients to conquer greater feats in the gym.

The owner of Elite Edge Athletics, which opened in 2013, has reversed the roles by challenging himself to find a new and improved space for his clients. He said the mission has been accomplished.

Elite Edge Athletics will move on Jan. 8 from downtown Bellefonte to 3013 Benner Pike in Benner Township. The relocation will provide two-and-a-half times more space for clients, according to Kmiecinski, who plans to hire new personal trainers before the new space opens.

“We’ve outgrown our space and have a bigger, better vision,” Kmiecinski said. “We’ll install Surge fitness classes and better serve our clients with a better facility.”

Classes for Surge, an interval training program founded by Kmiecinski, will also be introduced at the new location. Surge classes will designed for a variety of fitness levels and will focus on burning calories, balance, flexibility, posture, strength and and core stability. The program has been used for several years by individual clients.

“The biggest response to Surge is that it’s a fun and quick and easy to learn,” Kmiecinski said. “And it’s effective, because it’s structured and organized. Surge isn’t just a variety of exercises. It’s preplanned and predetermined to help clients.”

Elite Edge Athletics will also continue to offer its live feedback heart rate monitoring system through its app to track workouts and progress.

Shawn Annarelli: 814-235-3928, @Shawn_Annarelli