Local musician Erin Condo McCracken running for state legislature

Erin Condo McCracken
Erin Condo McCracken Photo provided

Local musician and businesswoman Erin Condo McCracken is officially on the ballot to run for the state House of Representatives in the May primary.

McCracken, of Millheim, is seeking the Democratic nomination for the 171st Legislative District, which includes parts of Centre and Mifflin counties. Rep. Kerry Benninghoff, R-Bellefonte, is the incumbent.

“I represent positive change and growth — a way forward,” McCracken said. “I think that the priority is to invest directly in our people.”

She wants to move Pennsylvania toward a more sustainable energy economy and bring jobs to the area. McCracken, who co-owns catering company EcoVents and the Bremen Town Ballroom, said she is dedicated to growing the local economy by using her business savvy to help small businesses throughout the 171st district succeed. She also has Master’s degrees in social work and public administration from West Virginia University.

Her campaign is geared toward having conversations with community members and addressing the issues that affect them, such as school safety, health care, affordable housing and affordable child care.

“I want to talk to every single person in the district if I can,” she said.

Many know McCracken for her musical chops. She’s been a staple of the local music scene for years, and she said her songwriting experience will come in handy as a state representative.

“As a songwriter, I try to have a very in-depth understanding of what people’s stories are, what they struggle with and how they overcome it,” McCracken said. “So it certainly informs or helps provide a forum for me to understand where people are coming from.”

She said music will definitely play a part in her campaign because it helps break down barriers and brings people together.