CityServe calls on volunteers to help with spring cleaning

“You have no idea how much weight you have lifted from my shoulders,” the elderly woman said. “My husband has been so ill and I’m simply not able to get out and get things done as I used to and I hate it when my yard looks a mess. Now I can look out and remember all the kind folks who came this weekend just for us.”

It’s true that a freshly raked yard, trimmed bushes and weeded flower beds may seem like a small undertaking for four to five adults and children, but to Mary, the thought of attempting spring cleanup was overwhelming. By matching Mary with a group from one of the 11 churches that participated in CityServe last year, not only did Mary’s yard get tackled, but a few projects around the home were also done, including some light housekeeping, changing of hard to reach lightbulbs and the hanging of a shelf for some knick-knacks she’s been longing to display.

The group who went to Mary’s home gained a new friend who served them lemon squares, fresh coffee and milk, and Mary witnessed living proof of a loving God as the volunteers prayed for Mary and her dying husband and joyously went about the tasks set before them that morning.

Celebrating our 10-year anniversary, CityServe is a ministry to the Centre Region in which local churches go out into our communities to be the hands and feet of Jesus to our neighbors. Individuals, human service organizations, community groups, literally anyone who needs a helping hand is welcome to request a project by registering at www.sc-cityserve.org. Once a project has been registered, an evaluator will visit the project site to confirm the scope and viability of the project, needed materials and number of volunteers required to complete the request in a four hour window. Upon evaluation the project will open on the website www.sc-cityserve.org and volunteers will be able to view the available projects, determine which one best suits their group, and register to serve.

This year CityServe will be held the weekend of April 28th and 29th. Projects are planned to be completed within four hours, either beginning in the morning or early afternoon. Many tasks are family friendly allowing even the youngest members an opportunity to serve.

Last year, with the help of 11 churches and 800 volunteers, we were able to complete almost 150 projects across the Centre Region. This year we’d love to exceed those numbers. We’d love for you to join us!

If you have questions about how you, your church or your family can get involved, please call Calvary Church at 238-0822 ext. 21. 

Beckie Romig is the local outreach coordinator at Calvary Church.