Eight people feeling ill cause Waffle shop evacuation

FERGUSON TOWNSHIP — The Original Waffle Shop on North Atherton Street had to evacuate just more than an hour before scheduled closing Saturday because eight people reported feeling flu-like symptoms.

But a sweep of the building by Alpha Fire Company and then the Penn State Hazmat Response Team found no airborne abnormalities and none of the people feeling ill ate any food, Alpha Chief Stan Clouser said at the scene.

It appears it may have been a coincidence. The restaurant was cleared to open as scheduled Sunday.

The incident started around 1:45 p.m. when people in line waiting to be seated reported feeling ill, and then several other people followed with similar complaints.

Those who felt sick were both employees and people standing in line, and all were looked at by emergency medical services crews at the scene.

Their symptoms didn’t pinpoint anything, Clouser said.

“It appears one of those things that a lot of people that showed up were ill and things started to happen,” Clouser said. “Whether or not it’s psychosomatic, I’m not an expert.”

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