Tax day brings tea party day for protests nationwide

You're invited to an afternoon tea party — and not the raised pinkie, one lump or two variety, either.

Try a Boston Harbor, sneak over the bow, throw stuff in the water populist protest against the federal government.

Today in Kansas City, and 2,000 other communities large and small across America, hundreds of thousands of people are expected to gather to mimic the Boston Tea Party, arguing for an end to deficit spending, lower taxes and a reduced government role in the economy.

"You can't spend all this money, most of which we do not have," said Carl Bearden, a former state lawmaker helping organize Missouri tea parties.

They're marching. They're sending tea bags to Congress, creating something of a mess in post offices. And on the day millions of taxpayers drop their returns into the mailbox, they intend to be heard.

"There’s concern among the American people about this debt, about our deficit," said Rep. Jo Ann Emerson, a Missouri Republican. "I lose sleep every night worrying about what I'm laying on my children and grandchildren. Unfortunately, we're in a bad state right now."

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