National, state, local leaders issue statements regarding Jerry Sandusky sentencing

Gov. Tom Corbett, who handled the Jerry Sandusky child sexual abuse investigation when he was state attorney general, released this statement after Sandusky’s sentencing Tuesday morning:

“I want to thank the career prosecutors, state troopers and agents who conduced this thorough and intensive investigation. These cases are difficult in the best of circumstances. It is to the credit of these investigators, along with the resilience of the victims, resulting in an airtight case, the conviction of 45 crimes — and now, today’s sentence.

“I want to especially commend the victims in this case, who had the courage to come forward and testify in open court, in spite of tremendous pressure and national publicity. Today’s sentence will hopefully give comfort to those young men, whose trust in the justice system is rewarded by seeing this man go to prison for the rest of his life.”

State Attorney General Linda Kelly, whose agents prosecuted the case, also released a statement. The following is an excerpt:

“Today, justice was served. I am pleased with the outcome of this case and satisfied with the appropriate sentence that the judge has imposed. It reflects the seriousness of Jerry Sandusky’s crimes, the irreparable harm he has caused to so many and the need to remove him from society for the rest of his life. We can be certain that Jerry Sandusky will not be hurting any more children.

“While it is true that Jerry Sandusky will not be hurting any more children, there will be others to take his place. That is the lesson we must take away from the Sandusky case, if we want some good to come of it. Whoever you are, whatever your station in life — please have the courage and the decency to do the right thing if you suspect that a child is being abused.”

In State College, Penn State President Rodney Erickson released the following statement:

“Our thoughts today, as they have been for the last year, go out to the victims of Jerry Sandusky’s abuse. While today’s sentence cannot erase what has happened, hopefully it will provide comfort to those affected by these horrible events and help them continue down the road to recovery.”

Victim organizations were also quick to issue statements.

Scott Berkowitz, the president and founder of the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, said in a statement: “Since the Sandusky story first broke, usage of RAINN’s National Sexual Assault Online Hotline has increased 47 percent, as thousands of survivors have come forward for the first time. Now that Sandusky will be locked up and unable to harm more children, our hope is that even more survivors will take their first steps towards recovery — with the confidence that their family, friends and community will believe them and support them.”