Day care owner may face trial on assault, endangerment charges

A woman who ran a home-based day care center in Spring Township faces possible trial on charges that she shook an infant hard enough to cause a skull fracture.

Charges against Jalene McClure, 38, who now lives in State College, were bound over for trial Wednesday.

Police began investigating the case in August 2010 when a mother noticed her five-month-old child had a bump on her head, was pale and had vomited on the car ride home from day care.

McClure told police she tripped and fell while holding the baby, injuring the child.

A doctor at Geisinger Medical Center told police in September 2010 that he didn’t believe the injuries were accidental.

In February, police said they met again with the baby’s parents and the doctor, who alleged the injuries were caused by trauma, not accident.

McClure was charged in September with aggravated and simple assault and child and reckless endangerment.