Hunter pulled from woods near Howard after leg injury

A hunter was injured and had to be pulled from the woods by emergency responders Tuesday morning near Howard borough.

Howard Fire Chief Collin Alterio said the hunter, whom Alterio could not identify, suffered a leg injury in a remote wooded area near Confer Hollow Road and was unable to walk out of the woods.

Alterio said other hunters in the area discovered the man and phoned for help.

“Some local hunters heard him hollering,” he said.

While Alterio didn’t know the extent of injuries, he said the hunter was fortunate. The fire chief warned that hunters should always carry a cellphone or radio, or hunt with a partner in case of the trouble.

Dave Carlini, an information and education supervisor with the Pennsylvania Game Commission, said that advice can be especially important for older hunters.

“In the later years of life, maybe you aren’t in the best shape of your life,” Carlini said. “They are doing things they haven’t done throughout the year. It’s always a good idea to let someone know where you are going to be.”

Game Commission officers respond to hunting-related accidental shootings, but the department does not keep track of the number of hunters injured in falls or those who suffer health issues, Carlini said.

As of Tuesday afternoon, there had only been one report of a gun-related hunting accident this buck season in the north-central region, which includes Centre, Clearfield and Union counties, and those to the north. A hunter in McKean County was injured when he shot himself in the foot.

Carlini said gun safety is “an important part of everything” the Game Commission does. First-time hunters must take a hunter-trapper education course before they can purchase a license.

“But for the most part, these young hunters get their initial training from the people they are going with — their grandfathers, uncles, fathers,” Carlini said. “They are the people keeping an eye on these youngsters and teaching them how to hunt.

“Hopefully that’s instilled in the by the time they are ready,” he said.