Rep. Conklin Reacts to Gov. Corbett's NCAA Suit

State Rep. Scott Conklin has issued the following statement regarding Gov. Tom Corbett’s NCAA suit.

“On the surface, today’s move by the Governor can be seen as encouraging, but I am somewhat bewildered by his change of heart.

As a member of the Penn State Board of Trustees, the Governor accepted the sanctions imposed by the NCAA last summer. In fact, in his own press release on July 23, he said ‘Part of [the] corrective process is to accept the serious penalties imposed today by the NCAA on Penn State University and its football program.’

“Now he is going to court to challenge the same sanctions he accepted? I think his position is compromised because he was a part of the same rush to judgment he is now condemning. I agree the sanctions are terrible, but I fear the Governor’s case is flawed. How can he claim the sanctions are creating a severe economic burden, and at the same time maintain that Penn State should still pay the $60 million fine?

“I am also very unsettled that he is proceeding with this action only two weeks before our new Attorney General, Kathleen Kane, takes office. I am troubled that his own hand-picked Attorney General turned over all legal standing on this matter to him.

“In the end, I hope there is a positive outcome for the people of Pennsylvania. Sadly, I think the Governor continues to stumble over and over again when it comes to defending the honor of Penn State University.”