Sharon Stringer - At The Inauguration | The next generation of leaders

Saturday, Jan. 19, 2013

It was a great day to be in the nation’s capital. The district was abuzz today with events for the National Day of Service. Since I direct my service activities to organizations in Centre County, I opted instead for an inauguration brunch targeted at young professionals.

There appeared to be no shortage of organized events in honor of the president. The next generation of leaders made their way into a restaurant to celebrate President Barack Obama’s four years of success and to prophecy hopes for the future. This gathering gave me an opportunity to meet a nice group of under-40 movers and shakers. They beamed with enthusiasm about how they can make their impact on Washington, D.C., and their world. So did I.

While many folks in town for the celebration turned the Washington landmarks, more than a couple hundred people just a block away from where I was staying gathered at the Shiloh Baptist Church in the northwest to view the film, “The House I Live In,” directed by Eugene Jarecki. The documentary tells the story of drugs in America. The viewing was followed by a panel discussion, which included Danny Glover, and a selection by John Legend. Had we not previously purchased tickets for the brunch, I would have enjoyed the viewing and the discussion.

You can view “The House That I Live In” for only 99 cents on iTunes through Tuesday at http://bit.lyZcfEda.

I’m off to a ball Saturday night hosted by “The Root.” The Root is an online magazine that addresses African-American issues.