2 more waive preliminary hearings in connection to heroin drug bust

The “main target” in a Centre County drug ring broken up earlier this month and a Pleasant Gap woman he allegedly supplied now face possible trial in the case.

Elijah “Max” Moorer and Kendra Spring waived their rights to preliminary hearings Wednesday in Centre County Court on felony drug charges.

The pair were among nine people charged by the state Attorney General’s Office in connection with a half-million-dollar heroin and cocaine ring operating in Centre, Clinton and Lycoming counties.

Five others, Robert Albro Jr., Timothy Wilson, Colleen Berrigan, Nicholas Girton and Amanda Horner, also opted to forgo their initial court appearance, waiving their rights to preliminary hearings last week.

State prosecutors identified Moorer as “the main target” in the investigation. Agents with the Attorney General’s Office said Moorer brought drugs into Centre County from the New York area and then sold them.

Albro was allegedly running a parallel organization, getting cocaine from Horner through an unknown source in Harrisburg. Both Moorer and Albro were allegedly selling to Wilson.

In November, authorities served search warrants at the homes of Albro, Horner, Moorer and Wilson. In addition to drugs and cash found in the homes, police discovered 13 firearms in Moorer’s residence. Three are illegal sawed-off shotguns.

Valerie Albro, also charged in the case, had her preliminary hearing continued. Tiffany Malloy, of New York, has been charged, but is not yet in custody.