Penn State bans bags, increases security staffing for Blue-White weekend

Penn State isn’t taking any chances during Blue-White weekend.

In an effort to heighten security following the Boston Marathon bombing, the university has decided to ban all bags, backpacks and purses from being brought into Beaver Stadium or any other campus location that is holding an event this weekend, according to a Penn State news release.

“While not permitting any bags into Beaver Stadium is a significant change from our ordinary routine, it is an important additional layer of security that we are instituting for this event,” Steve Shelow, assistant vice president for police and public safety, said in the release. “It brings us in line with most other stadiums across the nation.”

Increased university police staff members will also be collaborating with local police, the FBI and state police to create a more visible security presence. Police will be using technology to monitor the stadium and utilizing police dogs to sniff out any threats.

Other banned items include umbrellas, footballs, strollers and diaper bags. Anyone required to carry a bag for medical reasons is asked to put the contents into a clear, gallon zip-close style plastic bag, according to the release.

The Centre County Emergency Management Agency also stands ready in case of an incident, but Director Randy Rockey said there will not be any extra precautions on his end because of the Boston bombing.

He said the team will be on call 24/7, looking over national security reports from across the county and available to assist whenever necessary.

“It’s business as usual for us because we’re supposed to be ready all the time,” he said.