‘America’s Most Wanted’ fugitive held in county jail on local charges

The local case proceeded Wednesday against a man wanted on homicide charges by federal authorities in Washington, D.C., and has been featured on the TV show “American’s Most Wanted.”

Reynard Cook, who was arrested last week by Patton Township police, had charges of providing false identification to law enforcement and disorderly conduct bound for trial Wednesday.

Cook, who remains in the Centre County Correctional Facility, was not at his preliminary hearing Wednesday. Court officials said Cook refused to show for the hearing, which was held in his absence.

It wasn’t clear Wednesday when Cook will have to answer to homicide charges he faces in Washington, D.C., where the U.S. Marshals Service has been looking for him since February 2012, when he allegedly shot and killed his estranged wife.

A criminal complaint, filed under the name John Doe, provides more details about how Cook was discovered in Centre County.

Police wrote that a man eventually identified as Cook was seen darting in and out of traffic, kicking debris at vehicles and trying to take down a street sign May 10 on Vairo Boulevard. Cook, who provided a false identification to police, was taken to Mount Nittany Medical Center for treatment.

Then, a week later, Cook allegedly called police to report that he observed guns and bombs at a building on Vairo Boulevard. Police said they encountered Cook again, who again provided false identification.

He was taken into custody, but refused to be fingerprinted, police said. He was charged with providing false identification and disorderly conduct and placed in jail on $10,000 bail. Police later learned Cook was wanted in Washington, D.C.