Patton Township bears still on the loose

The bears are still on the loose.

The mother black bear and her three cubs that were first stopped in the Park Forest area Wednesday have still not been caught, Patton Township Police Chief John Petrick said Thursday afternoon. The Pennsylvania Game Commission went to the area to try to capture the bears, but they already had returned to a tree.

The bears were last seen near Oakley Drive.

Petrick advises all residents to stay away from the bears. He said they will only descend from the tree when they are comfortable, and that won’t be the case with people around.

Residents should also cover all trash and take down any bird feeders or items that could be looked at as food, he said.

He cautioned people to stay away from the cubs because getting between them and the mother could be extremely dangerous.

“Please by no means think that they are pets,” he said.

The Game Commission will be setting up traps to attempt to catch the bears.

Petrick said if anyone sees a bear, they should immediately call 911.