Colyer Lake activists seeking volunteers

The group that has taken on trying to save Colyer Lake in Potter Township from being drained is making plans to remove the tires that sit at the bottom of the lake.

Anyone willing to help is asked to email the group’s list-serve at savecolyer@gmail.com. A date has not been set yet, but it is likely to be later in the summer or in early fall.

The state had started draining the lake because of deficiencies to the dam’s spillway. But the state temporarily stopped drawing down the water, and the Colyer Lake group is pressing forward with trying to find money to repair the dam.

The state Senate’s $2.5 transportation bill includes funding for the Fish and Boat Commission to repair dams across the state, and Sen. Jake Corman has said he would make sure the Colyer Lake dam is included if the full finding is passed and signed by the governor.