Local mail gets rerouted after post office crash

A car crashed into Pine Grove Mills post office on Sunday.
A car crashed into Pine Grove Mills post office on Sunday. Centre Daily Times

Neither rain nor sleet nor dark of night will keep the mail from going through.

A silver sedan, on the other hand ...

People in Pine Grove Mills receive all of their mail at the post office. There is no carrier delivery. Everyone has a post office box.

But around noon Sunday, that changed for a while. That was when someone accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of the brake, putting her car through the wall of the post office at 112 E. Pine Grove Road.

The building was condemned temporarily, but that left a problem. If the only place people can get their mail is closed, what happens to things like checks people are waiting to cash and bills that need to be paid?

The United States Postal Service says it is making sure that’s not a problem.

While the building is closed, the services are being temporarily rerouted to the State College post office at 237 S. Fraser St.

According to the Centre Region Code Administration, the Pine Grove Mills building will remain closed until a detailed inspection can be completed and the building is deemed safe enough to serve the public again.

The crash was just the latest incident of a vehicle going into a building. In March, an electrician’s truck hit a parked car before crashing into a Walker Township home. In May 2014, a Subaru Outback went through a wall at Kranich’s Jewelers on North Atherton Street.

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