Huntingdon County family wants dog back

Cash is missing from a Huntingdon family, who believe an unknown man has the dog.
Cash is missing from a Huntingdon family, who believe an unknown man has the dog. Photos provided

It is not clear how a Huntingdon family’s dog ended up with someone else.

State police at Huntingdon and the family believe that the 2-year-old yellow lab named Cash is in the possession of a white man, who was confronted about the family pet but refused to return it. The identity of the man is unknown.

Police, according to a release, are treating it as a case of theft. Samantha Everhart, Cash’s owner, does not want to press charges.

“I want to give him the benefit of the doubt,” Everhart said. “I believe Cash probably was out running like he always does and maybe got lost. Maybe this man found him, took him and has been spotted with him. We just want him to give us our dog back.”

Everhart said her sister-in-law took the dog out for a run on June 30 near Shirleysburg. She believes Cash took a detour to go swimming in a nearby creek, which is normal, but the family began looking for the dog about 30 minutes after he didn’t return home.

The dog, she says, was spotted in a field with the man Wednesday afternoon and again by a family friend at the Sheetz in Mount Union. Cash, police say, was in the man’s black Suzuki Vitari, which has a broken driver side back window with plastic covering it. It also has temporary registration in the back window and a Huntingdon bear cat sticker.

The family friend told Everhart that the dog had on an orange collar, like Cash’s, and that the dog responded when hearing his name.

“The man told her to mind her own business,” Everhart said. “Someone else there tried to tell him that if it wasn’t his that he needed to return it. He cursed at that person, too, and drove off. I don’t know why he wouldn’t ask who the dog belonged to. I’m just trying to wrap my mind around this. My family just wants our dog back. We’re heartbroken.”

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