Relishing the spotlight

Neveah Homan, 4, holds her new little brother.
Neveah Homan, 4, holds her new little brother. Photo provided

She is always in motion, dancing from one place to another, sparkling in her ice-blue sweater dress sprinkled with sequins and fuzzy gray boots dotted with shimmery silver hearts.

She is an ice princess, but what can you expect from a little girl born on New Year’s Day?

Nevaeh Ann Homan was the first Mount Nittany Medical Center baby of 2011. Today she is 4 years old, a whirligig of long brown hair and big, bright eyes who is adjusting to her new role as big sister. Brother Harrison was born in October.

Mom Mindy Homan, of Centre Hall, has a little advice for the parents of Grace Nicole Corcoran, the teensy charmer who is Centre County’s first baby of 2015.

“Be ready for pictures,” she said with a smile as Nevaeh licked chocolate chip cookie smears delicately off her fingertips.

The little girl is shy, maybe because of the spotlight that has been on her since birth, but she also is a performer at heart who currently plans to be a ballerina. Or maybe an ice queen, since she is all about “Frozen.”

“I think she was born to be famous,” her mother said. Nevaeh has appeared in a Penn State Hershey Medical Center brochure and won a beauty contest in addition to her front-page picture from the day she was born.

“She’s a real girly girl.”

It’s hard to find other first babies to share advice for little Grace and her parents. Many of the former New Year’s births have moved away or live outside the county.

But for Mindy Homan, it’s still interesting to see who is being born on Nevaeh’s birthday.

“I definitely looked to see who the New Year’s baby was this year,” she said.

Grandma Denise Murphy, of Centre Hall, says that no matter when a grandchild is born, they’re still a gift.

Little Harrison, already a good sleeper at just 3 months, proves that, but maybe it’s because he has a special birthday, too. He was born during October’s rare total lunar eclipse, also called a blood moon.