Centre County CBICC hands out awards

CDT Photo

Jim Colyer was honored with an award Thursday, but had no idea he had the points to win it.

The Chamber of Business and Industry of Centre County’s Ambassador of the Year Award has a point system, according to Communications Director Leslie Kistner. Colyer, the personal lines account manager at Doty and Hench, tallied enough points based on efforts such as volunteering at chamber events, attending meetings and recruiting new members.

“Every month we have a report card, and I didn’t think I had nearly enough points, because I didn’t turn my sheet in the first three months of the year,” Colyer said. “I must have had done really well the other nine months.”

Colyer was one of three people honored at the CBICC’s 2015 Membership Recognition Night at Beaver Stadium’s Mount Nittany Club. About 300 people attended the event.

“It would be really difficult to give the award without a points system,” Kistner said. “Jim has really been a great volunteer for many years and does a lot for the chamber.”

O.J. Johnston, who owns O.J. Johnston Consulting, was honored with the CBICC Friend of the Chamber Award. He has also served on the CBICC’s board of directors for nine years.

“He serves on a number of special task forces, has been a longtime supporter of the chamber and appreciates our role in the region,” Kistner said. “He always engaged and very well-known in the community.”

John Rodgers, S&T Bank’s senior vice president of commercial banking in Centre County, was honored with the CBICC Volunteer of the Year award.

“Over the past year he has led the loan committee in a comprehensive review of policies and procedures in order to provide more innovative funding resources to chamber loan fund clients,” Kistner said. “For many, this work goes largely unnoticed but it is vital to the Chamber’s economic development mission. We appreciate the contribution of his time and expertise.”

The Membership Recognition Night used to highlight more than three CBICC awards, but Kistner said honors like Small Business of the Year and CEO of the Year will be presented at CBICC’s annual Vision Luncheon in December.