Dump truck loses tires, which nearly hit family at yard sale

A broken wheel bearing catapulted a pair of tires from a passing dump truck into a Walker Township home Friday, narrowly missing a family holding a yard sale in a nearby garage.

Amanda Yasovsky, who lives in Benner Township, said she was inside the garage with her 6-year-old twins and her mother when the tandem wheels crashed into the side of her mother’s home on the 1400 block of East College Avenue in Walker Township shortly before noon.

The dump truck, which had been eastbound on College Avenue just east of the Spring-Walker boundary, pulled to a stop about a quarter-mile past the scene. No injuries were reported and the names of the driver and trucking company were unavailable pending the release of a report from state police.

Yasovsky said she and her family were caught off guard by the freak accident.

Her first thought?

“What just happened?” Yasovsky said. “It was sort of unreal, like it was make believe.”

She said the tandem wheels plowed across a nearby lawn, blasted through shrubs, flew just below utility wires and into a rock garden wall bouncing sharply upward, knocking down a 10-foot-high awning that had spanned the west side of the home.

Yasovsky quickly checked to make sure family and passing motorists were OK.

“I grabbed hold of my kids,” she said. “I thought, ‘We’re all here. We’re good.’ ”

She said she then checked to make sure nobody had been hurt along the roadway and called 911.

Within an hour of the accident, as state police and firefighters were wrapping up their work at the scene, a still shaken Yasovsky and her family were counting their blessings and grateful that the outcome was not worse.

“I’m just glad we’re OK,” she said. “Material things can be replaced.”