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Gates displaces incumbent on Boggs Township Board of Supervisors

Challenger Terry Gates Jr. displaced longtime incumbent Tom Poorman on the Boggs Township Board of Supervisors.

Running for political office for the first time, Gates, 25, a Republican from Yarnell, won 196 to 159 with 55 percent of the vote, according to unofficial results Tuesday.

Poorman, 53, a lab technician from Runville and the current board chairman, was seeking his fourth six-year term on the Democratic ballot.

“I’m pretty excited,” said Gates, a road worker for the township. “It’s definitely been a goal of mine the past couple of years. I knew I wanted to be a supervisor, and I’ve finally done it.”

Gates said he wants to spend a couple of months with the board learning the ropes before he starts making priorities.

“You can watch a car drive up and down the road, but you don’t know how to drive it until you’re behind the wheel,” he said.