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On Centre: Bald Eagle Area | Nittany Con spawns sequel, attracts comic book crowd

Holy muscle-hugging costumes, Batman!

Nittany Con is back, and it means business.

At least 14 artists and dealers, armed with stacks of comics and boxes of collectibles, stand ready to return to the Quality Inn at Milesburg, scene of the comic convention’s triumphant debut last year.

On Sunday, a dynamic band of vendors once again will gather, outnumbered and liking every minute. Will Pennsylvania Furnace graphics artist Jason Lenox and his comrades face another fanatical army of 400 or more?

Bet your bottom dollar they’re counting on it.

In close quarters, hand to hand, they’ll deal. Just $3 buys into all the action you can afford. Kids 12 and under get free rein of the place.

Up for grabs off state Route 150, just past the Milesburg Interstate 80 interchange, will be toys, action figures, DVDs, a small galaxy of comics from the Golden Age to the present and first prize in a cosplay costume contest.

No doubt, some gains will come at no cost. The first 100 patrons through the door, starting at 10 a.m., will claim free comics. But those arriving late to the scene shouldn’t surrender to despair. Throughout the day, until 5 p.m., door prizes will fly like fists — merchandise coupons, comic giveaways, a veritable swirl of swag.

Check out the details at the convention’s Facebook page:

Then prepare yourself.

Legions of heroes, villains and everyone in between are waiting.

Cancer fundraiser a success

Congratulations to Bald Eagle Area School District students and teachers for raising $1,505, an all-time high for them, from their recent 2014 Coaches vs. Cancer basketball game in support of the American Cancer Society.

Among other charity efforts, the students and teachers sold T-shirts, wristbands, lanyards, beads and craft supplies. They also organized foul-shooting contests after the benefit game.

The money was donated in honor of former BEA basketball coach Howie Chambers, who lost his life to cancer.