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On Centre | Bald Eagle Area: Port Matilda community yard sale offers bargains, chance to help others

Port Matilda will host a community yard sale Saturday starting at 9 a.m., offering not only a chance to find bargains and part with some unwanted items, but also to help active and important community organizations and individuals, organizer Linda Rudy said.

The Port Matilda American Legion will host a chicken barbecue. Out-of-towners are welcome, both to buy and sell. The sportsman’s club is renting indoor and outdoor space for people to set up. Both the club and the Port Matilda Volunteer Fire Department will have food and drinks available for purchase, Rudy said.

Of course, residents of the community will open up shop in front of their homes.

Cissy Reese will set up a table at the fire hall Saturday, and the money garnered through her sales won’t go toward savings or a family trip, but to help pay for medical and other bills for her daughter, who preferred to remain unnamed.

Reese said her child was diagnosed late last month with a type of dysautonomia called postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. Caring for her daughter has caused Reese to take half-days and sometimes miss work, she said.

Dysautonomia is a condition that affects the automatic nervous system. POTS is one that affects between 1 million and 3 million Americans, according to Dysautonomia International.

People with the syndrome experience rapid heart rates when they stand from either sitting or lying down, which can cause the person to pass out. Other symptoms include extreme fatigue, exercise intolerance, headaches, chest pain and shortness of breath.