2 vie for Benner Township supervisor

Two men who faced off in the Benner Township supervisor primary in May are back at it for the November municipal election to determine who gets the seat.

Mark Capriani

In an effort to bring more businesses to Benner Township, Mark Capriani would like to lower some zoning requirements.

He said he sees a need for some zoning regulations, but he doesn’t want them to be too strict.

“The main thing that got me in the race is I think the rules in Benner Township are a little bit restrictive,” he said.

Capriani also said that the township needs a 10-year master plan for the road-upkeep system. By planning it ahead of time, he said, it will be more cost-effective.

To keep taxes down, he would look at ways to pay for road projects, such as liquid fuels tax applications and grants. He said local government is designed to serve the people, and that he’s always listening to the concerns of voters.

John Elnitski Jr.

John Elnitski Jr. is looking to finish what he started.

The two-term incumbent has been seeking funding for upgrades and expenses in Spring Creek Canyon without causing tax increases for residents.

He has worked to find state grant funding and collaborated with the Centre Region Council of Governments to get the majority of the costs out of the township’s hands. He said that COG recently has been talking more about helping to pick up some cost, because Benner Township’s usage of the area is fairly low.

“We need to find funding streams to keep it up so it’s not just Benner paying the bills,” he said.

Elnitski continues to work with the funding that the township has in its budget to address all its needs. He said it’s about finding a balance between the road work and funding other important projects.