Sponsors will help keep scoreboard costs down in Bellefonte

The Bellefonte Area School District is hoping to buy a series of scoreboards for its proposed new athletic facilities that could cost at least $30,995.

Reliance Bank has agreed to sponsor the football scoreboard for $5,000 a year for four years, which would cover its cost, said Ken Bean, the district’s director of fiscal affairs.

“They’re not cheap,” Bean said at the school board’s meeting Tuesday night.

The base model of the football scoreboard is estimated at $17,650, according to a document from the district.

Scoreboards for baseball, softball, junior varsity softball, and a portable multisport scoreboard are also in the plan, Bean said.

Bean said the district has a sponsor to help offset the cost of the baseball scoreboard as well, and is working on getting other sponsors for the remainder.

The topic will be further addressed at board meetings 7 p.m. July 15 and Aug. 19 at the Bellefonte Area Middle School cafeteria, along with plans for a new multiphase, multimillion-dollar football, track and parking lot project at the high school.

In other school board news, two student representatives — Jessica Brown and Matthew Feldman — were honored for their service this year.

Brown graduated earlier this month and will attend Penn State this fall; Feldman will be back as a student board representative next year as a senior.

Eleven teachers were also tenured after working for three years with the district — one from Marion-Walker and Pleasant Gap elementary schools; another from Bellefonte Area High School; two from Bellefonte Area Middle School; another two from Benner Elementary School; and four from Bellefonte Elementary School.