On Centre | Around Bellefonte: Penn State students organize Halloween party at youth center

Trick-or-treating is slated for Oct. 30 in Bellefonte, but why only use that costume once?

How about a costume party the day before at the Bellefonte Youth Center?

Penn State student Eric Lasher, along with seven other seniors in the recreation, park and tourism management program, will host a Halloween party for children from 5 to 8 p.m. Oct. 29 at the center.

“The party is part of the event-planning class,” Lasher said. “We’re calling it ‘Haunted Hallows Eve.’ ”

On the first day of class, he said, he and his fellow classmates were told they would be responsible for putting together an event for the community. The event would take place at one of 10 nonprofit businesses in the area.

Lasher and his partners were assigned to the youth center.

“The Bellefonte Youth Center has been in a partnership with the class for many years,” he said. “They recommended we hold a Halloween party. That’s what people enjoy the most.”

Various businesses are funding the party with donations of money, supplies or prizes, he said. Several downtown State College businesses have donated, and the team will be heading into Bellefonte this week to talk to other local shops.

The team has a lot of activities planned, Lasher said, including a costume contest and a haunted house in the basement.

“At the youth center, the kids think it’s haunted by the ghost of a woman that lived there for many years named Abigail,” he said. “We’re building a haunted house where the kids will try to find the ghost.”

Children from all over the area are welcome to attend the free event, Lasher said. He and his team are preparing to host from 50 to 100 attendees, and are still seeking donations in the form of gift cards, food, decorations or anything a business is willing to provide.