Bellefonte Borough Council OKs road closures for downtown projects

Borough Council unanimously approved the closure of East Cherry Lane from South Allegheny Street to the Cedar Lane for the duration of the Bellefonte Mews and phase two of the Temple Court projects.

The section of the road will be closed this week.

Council previously declined to vote Feb. 16 on a request by Caliber Contracting Services, the Temple Court project’s Carnegie-based contractor, to close the sidewalk and parking lane on South Allegheny Street in front of the Temple Court Building and East Cherry Lane from South Allegheny Street to the Cedar Lane intersection Feb. 18 to Nov. 30.

Parameters are now set for the closure after contractors for the projects and the Streets Committee discussed them.

Parameters will include that the space can be closed during construction at the two projects, but access to that space is to be shared and worked out between the contractors. Contractors may also use metered parking for pick up and delivery prior to meter enforcement in the mornings. For exterior work at Temple Court, two rows of scaffolding must be used to cover the sidewalk from the building to the curb and must allow pedestrians to walk underneath.

Council also unanomously voted to waive local resident Sharon Hicks’ fee for the use of the Match Factory Place side of Talleyrand Park on June 6 for her daughter’s wedding.

Council previously modified an ordinance Dec. 15 to charge a $200 fee for the Match Factory Place side of the park. The fee was already in the ordinance for the gazebo side of the park. Hicks sent her request for the park’s use Feb. 2, but was not informed of a fee until Feb. 16. The online application, she said in a letter, was only for the gazebo side of the park when she applied.

“It’s a situation where this applicant was caught between the enactment of the ordinance and the lack of prepping the fee process to go along with the ordinance,” Councilwoman Gay Dunne said during the meeting.

Council also unanimously approved a $20 application fee for use of the park.

Council also unanimously approved at least a seven-person committee to approve facade grant funding for applicants of the grant.