On Centre | Around Bellefonte: Coca-Cola gift will help borough plug leaks

A plaque commemorating the planting of a tree in 1935 will be rededicated in Bellefonte on Saturday.
A plaque commemorating the planting of a tree in 1935 will be rededicated in Bellefonte on Saturday. CDT photo

Through the generosity of the Coca-Cola water production facility in Milesburg, the borough of Bellefonte is able to more accurately detect leaks in its water system.

The leak loggers, 15 capsules that can be placed on water valve boxes and monitor for leaks during the night, were delivered Thursday, Bellefonte Borough Manager Ralph Stewart said.

The loggers can “listen” for leaks and record data over several nights, he said. Data is then downloaded via Bluetooth to a laptop provided with the equipment. This information allows borough engineers to pinpoint the leak.

“We’ve had a long-term relationship with the plant,” he said. “The ownership has changed hands through the years, but Coke has been there for us for many years.”

The monitoring equipment costs about $20,000, he said, and is a great gift from the company.

Prior to receiving the monitoring equipment, Coca-Cola would contract a leak-detection service for the borough once a year at a cost of about $6,500, general manager Steve Pfeiffenberger said.

The plant in Milesburg produces Coca-Cola bottled water products, like Dasani, he said, and sources water from the Big Spring in Bellefonte.

“We can’t thank them enough,” Stewart said.

Daughters of the American Revolution to rededicate plaque

A plaque that had been obscured from view by the march of time will be rededicated at 1 p.m. Saturday by the Bellefonte chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

The plaque notes the planting of an accompanying tree that was planted to honor Caroline W.C. Furst, the founder of the DAR in Bellefonte. The tree and the plaque have stood for almost 80 years.

“We were making a calendar of historic monuments,” DAR member Cheri Banks said, “and we couldn’t find the plaque. It had been buried in the lawn near the tree and grass was growing up around it.”

It took two years to get the plaque uprooted and moved closer to the tree where it will be more visible, she said.

The rededication will also mark the 120th anniversary of the Bellefonte chapter, she said. Descendents of Furst are expected to be in attendance.