Penns Valley

On Centre: Penns Valley | District seeks bids for high school locker room project

Plans are moving ahead for locker room renovations and possible additions at Penns Valley Area High School.

The Penns Valley school board is seeking bids for work to revamp four high school locker rooms at the school. In addition to the base bid, the school is seeking two alternate bids that would include expansions to the building.

District officials have said the inclusion of the alternate bids will allow them to find out how much those additions might cost and eventually help the board determine if they are cost-effective.

Plans for the first alternate bid include the construction of a new cardio room, trainer’s room and sports officials’ room. The second alternate bid includes all of those features and also calls for the inclusion of a multipurpose room.

The space, while not as large as a full gymnasium, could be utilized for wrestling practice, indoor baseball drills and other activities.

The base bid for locker room renovations will allow the district to address an item that has been in its long-range plan for years. The rooms haven’t been updated since the school was built in the 1960s and are overdue for repairs, officials have said.

Bids will be submitted by May 20, and after that the board can consider which plan to follow.

Students smile proudly

Penns Valley school officials want the district’s students to smile bright.

The district is partnering with its in-school dentist to provide exams to students on May 15. The team will set up a mini dental office on school grounds for the day.

“We are providing this service because taking care of your child’s teeth is important to keeping them healthy and in school learning,” officials said on the district’s website. “Tooth decay is the most common chronic and infectious disease among children. Nearly all dental diseases are preventable through regular dental exams.”